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club passim camfire weekend 2007Tons of great acoustic music, awesome food at Veggie Planet, labor day weekend= Club Passims “Cutting Edge of the Campfire Weekend” with over 100 musicians rocking it out all day into the wee hours of the night in Harvard Square! I’ll be floating in and out this four day event ($25=4 day pass) checking out past favorites and awaiting new ones. If your in the area, swing by for some great tunes or dig around their schedule to figure out who you might like. I’ve already spotted one I’d really like to check out; Lindsey Mac.

peter chan drawpeterdraw

My incredibly talented friend Peter Chan who attended RISD with me just finished his graduate studies in product/entertainment design at Art Center and is seeking work. For any readers with connections in the entertainment industry (web, games, movies, sets, storyboarding, etc) I’d very much appreciate ya’ll mention Peter to your friends or link to his site.

His work ethic is awesome, his skills are unmatched, and he’s always craving to learn. Peter has a great mentally in adaption, brainstorming, storytelling, philosophical discussions in design, marketing, art, and has a unique cultural perspective based on his knowledge and experience. He’s one seriously talented creative with a kick butt sketch hand and eye.

Check out his work on, pre-order his book Alien Race featuring a ton of his work (I’ve seen images from this book and it’s “Jaw Dropping”), or contact him if you have a sweet job to offer him.

Peter’s provided Designverb with some exclusive drawings to post along with a few from his webpage after he jump! (prepare to be amazed!)

update: Peter’s commented below about his new blog here.

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Cut&Paste Boston

Cut&Paste was born in NYC 2005 assembling a group of digital graphic artist to do battle in an energy packed bar with over 850 gazers watching their swift Wacom skillz on projected walls Iron Chef style. This years Cut&Paste will hold battles in 11 locations worldwide. I’ve never been to one, but the hype and energy surrounding this growing event is the buzz around town. The Boston battle on September 8th initiates their world tour which I plan to attend, but if your not in the area, hit up one of their other locations:

Boston: Sept 8.
New York City: Sept 15
Portland: Sept 21
San Francisco: Sept 29
Chicago: Oct 6
Los Angeles: Oct 13
London: Oct 20
Berlin: Oct 27
Tokyo: Nov 3rd
Hong Kong: Nov 10
Sydney: Nov 17

video via coolhunting

random links thoughts

I’ve been really bad at posting this week and I apologize. I’ve been busy and found little to post. I almost posted about the very cool color guiding “MyCuppaTea” but then got distracted by the fact that Guster was playing live near me in September. After hurdling for tickets which I never bought since their concerts start before work ends, I scrambled online looking for the sold out but ever so cool red “Use Helvertica” shirt which lead me to Helvetica: the film. Somehow this took me to a Flickr collection of business cards which reminded me of my DIY Paint Chip card holders which someone did today though not with paint chips.

Now in my bookmarks were some really random links.. a kind of gross but amusing Frog cleaning his stomach, Martin Klimas and his smashing still photography, Hundreds posing naked on Swiss Glaciers thanks to Spencer Tunick, a kick butt Magnum wine ratchet , two huge people fighting, and the ever so fun visible but invisible public toilet which reminded me of the hilarious and very wrong Japanese toilet pranks.

I’d also like to make a shout out to my friend Andy on his company Interwoven Threads (Look good, Do better) He offered up a few shirts to my readers, so if interested, send me a cool link, I’ll pick a few, and he’ll send you a kick-butt shirt and even let you suggest a charity in your area to donate one to.(You buy a shirt, they donate the same one to the needed)

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

Puma Sale 2007

Above: The chaotic aftermath at the annuel Puma sale… yup, that’s a kid staking over her shop-aholic parents box of goodies while they grabbed more!(people bought box loads) Simple DIY everyday hacks.(all videos)
Vibram Five Finger shoes: These have been out for sometime, and I want still.
BomBayTV: Fun custom video cards.
We Feel Fine Project.
Kitten Surprise: How to break up a kitten fight.
How to draw a women sketch!(put it on x16)

nike long ball shoe sustainable reconsidered

I don’t post on shoes too often, but when a big cookie monster like Nike known for making mountains of carbon fuming rubber glue shoes launches a 100% sustainable shoe in their eco-consciousness Nike Considered footwear line, I start to smile.

I’d seen previous attempts in this line that didn’t fair to well stylishly nor environmentally, but the these new Long Ball Lace shoes are rather appealing with it’s minty lime highlights while being 100% biodegradable using a cork sole and sporting some baseball stitch like weaves. Now all they have to do is figure out how to drop the price a bunch and be a bit more like TOMS shoes with donations to the needed, even though they probably do this already. 😉

via coolhunting

Full size pics after the jump
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PoachPod egg poacher
How smart and simple! I want one!

“Poaching is one of the healthiest ways to prepare eggs, since it doesn’t use butter or oil, but it surely isn’t the easiest—until now. The PoachPod suspends the egg like a lily in a lily pond. Simply crack egg into the PoachPod floating in boiling water. When done, simply pop out a perfectly poached, perfectly shaped egg! Silicone ensures quick, easy, clean release. ”

I’m sure you can find more than one use for this egg poacher 😉 (also, if you like boiled eggs, look into Eggo, or other various egg cookers)

Via bookofjoe
Buy at the KitchenOutlet, 2 for $9.99.

Brush and Rinse toothbrush fountain
Brush&Rinse is a ingenious fun idea by Scott Amron at Amron Experimental which adds a simple curve to a toothbrush that creates a redirection of water from the sink faucet for a fountain like spout to sip and rinse from.

His concept won an ID magazine award:

“The jurors loved the way a common-looking toothbrush, gently tweaked, could shape tap water into a fluid parabola as perfect as the St. Louis Arch. They talked about the wonderfulness of harnessing the appeal of water play to transform a universally unloved chore, repeating comments about the power of design to create moments when ingenuity boosts utility to an emotional “A-ha!” Their solidarity was too strong to rouse any pithy debate, however. “Will it entice kids to brush their teeth?” (Tobias) Wong wondered. No matter, said Jeremijenko: “It rescripts a daily activity into something fantastical.” …(It) reminded the jurors of the deepest and most primitive powers of design: to create wonder where it’s least expected; to make something out of nearly nothing; to reduce people to two words. Wow. Cool.

– Barbara Flanagan”

weekend bites
– Morgan Webb launches, a new daily video on everything digital in 5 or less minutes.– a beta for now social network for Inventors, TechCrunch review.– Googles secret testing ground.(article)– A blog on all things origami!– Life explained online with a bit of an English accent in most videos.

Modular sustainable shoe concept!– make your own wiki site.

This is pretty sweet! “HypoSurface is the World’s first display system where the screen surface physically moves! Information and form are linked to give a radical new media technology: an info-form device.”

Basically, it’s a Three-Dimensional moving surface even though in my mind, it’s just a scalable version of Daniel Rozins “Pixel Active” projects such as his fascinating Wooden Mirror which I posted about before or his Shiny Balls Mirror projects.

I’ve posted a YouTube video of Hyposurface above, but check out their website for more videos.

It would crazy cool to see this active wall combined with the Tunnel House!

I’ll post 4 videos after the jump.

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TED africa videos
Ooooo, TED Africa videos just started to get posted! If you missed out on the incredible TED Africa this past June in Tanzania, now you can enjoy a glimpse of this adventure online. If you prefer to read about it, I’d recommend reading 2 blog entries: Ethan Zukerman or LunchOVerIP by Bruno Giussani.

I’ll post the first 4 launched TED Africa videos after the jump.

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