11 comments on “Nike: Long Ball Lace (100% sustainable)

  1. sweatshop yes, but what theses days are not made in sweatshops. Nike get the hit on sweatshops, but their standards are pretty good compared to many other sweatshops..how do i know, i have friends that work in them, specifically nike.
    Swap places with nike…if you decided to maufacture in say the USA, the price would go up 10 x, your shoes would cost 10x, and less people would buy them.

    it’s a hard tradeoff, but jumping in somone elses shoes gives you a better perspective of what sucks, but must be done.

  2. that’s bullshit. the markup on nike sneakers exponential –a sneaker cost $2 to produce in Asia and sells for $150. New Balance manufactures sneakers in America and they are affordable.

  3. I’ve never heard of a shoe that cost $2 to manufacture.. unless you are talking wal-mart flip flops.sneakers run around $15+. This includes everything from maufacturing, materials, assembly, distribution, marketing, etc an it only cost that much if you can afford to sell that much.

  4. Those shoes are badass! I never even thought about eco-friendly shoes, but it makes sense. With a 100% biodegradable cork sole does it affect the quality and durability of the shoe?

  5. julia,
    yup, theses shoes rock, and I want one!
    cork soles are fine…think birkenstock…those shoes last long, and the community of ppl love them!!!!
    The durability is probably better than chemically rubberized glue shoes cause some glues just crack over the years, and there woven ones wont breaak unless the leather breaks/rips..

  6. only a small percentage of NB sneakers are produced in the US…the rest are produced in China along with all other athletic shoes. even NB can not afford to make all their shoes domestically. if they did the shoes would cost well over 100 bucks.

  7. oh yeah great…non vegan sustainable shoes…sweatshop…awesome
    and did you hear that mcdonalds will now serve vegan burgers…fuck that. one trade off for another. Nike is making these shoes to win people back! screw them cause if someone made fair trade, vegan, biodegradable shoes…in AMERICA…id buy them-with money i make fair trade! i wont by nike…cause if this was so great…all their shoes would be made this way! do a little research and find shoes that fit what you are looking for that arent made of the backs of others!

  8. i think these shoes had never been for sale….
    do you know if someone had them?? or a price, something… even in the nike web.. there didn’t exist any more…
    i think they are nice and a very positive idea… canĀ“t believe they hadn’t success..

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