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  1. Somehow I managed to totally miss the fact that you went to RISD! Both my parents went there (dad- photography, mom – architecture). And my brother is going now (printmaking). Plus we live near Providence. It’s just interesting that you went there too.

  2. Sure, I’ll send it to my brother. He’s moving into an apartment on Wickenden Saturday. He’s upstairs, but I’m lazy and he checks his email all the time 😛

  3. Amazing stuff

    Very imaginative and incredibly solid work!

    I send out a few links Don’t think he will have a hard time finding something
    that supports and nurtures his skill and imagination


  4. No problem!
    It is always refreshing to see great work and help out
    hopefully your friend will get some calls!

    I wish I picked up his book at SDCC

    good luck
    keep me posted


  5. Peter Good luck and hope that the people I sent your links to will get in touch

    the blog is wonderful, love the variety of work you do…


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