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guy kawasaki tech panel

Here’s a great hour long Q&A panel hosted by Guy Kawasaki asking a bunch of tech questions to a few 18-24 year olds in regards to cell phones, camera, ipods, music, social networsk, IM’s, etc. The discussions will either be like “duh” or surprise you. Personally, I’m in the “duh” region, but I live tech, though I suspect kids younger than me are even bigger tech addicts!

via Guys Blog (with a good brief of the chats)


I’m off to Wireds NextFest2006 in NYC to check out the best of what’s next! Here’s a great list of exhibits there!
Nextfest is:
“WIRED’s vision of a new world’s fair, WIRED NextFest is a four-day festival of innovative products and technologies that are transforming our world. Patterned on the great World’s Fairs of the past, this year’s NextFest in New York features more than 130 interactive exhibits from leading scientists and researchers around the world. Experience the future of exploration, entertainment, transportation, health, communication, design, security, and green living.”

If your in NYC check out! I’ll be back with crazy fun pictures next week!

Here’s a great video of mobile phones becoming…well, a mobile phone booth on wheels, which has given these handicapped people in Kenya a service along with their wheelchairs. Reminds me of those photographers in Paris that actually carry around inkjet printers and print your pics right there.
Would be cool to see more mobile services for public use..perhaps a restroom on wheels.. maybe a net enabled laptop on wheels or on someones backpack… though in nyc, Starbucks=restrooms, and the Apple store=free Internet.

intructioart dogs

I love it when stories, instructions, or just about anything gets communicated through the universal means of images and as little text as possible. The world of information visualization does exactly this by data mining the billions of bytes of data that none of us can see or prefer not to rumble through to figure out and visually communicating it to us mindless humans.

Anyhow, back to the basics, such as cooking! I’m the type that loves to cook, but hate to read while squinting my computer burned eyes onto poorly printed out inkjet recipes. I’m also the type that loves those emergency illustrations on airplane pockets. So by all means, I LOVE this project for a “wordless pancake recipe” which illustrates every step for making yummy pancakes. It reminds me of a wonderful book called “Instructoart” by Matthew Vescovo, which is an incredibly amusing must buy book. Check out their site for a musically and visually satisfying glimpse of Matthews book here. I’ll post some of my favorite pics from Matthews gallery after the jump!

Buy his book here!
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moo card

If your craving some cool contact cards and have a Flickr account, head on over to to get your very own Flickr Mini Cards! Basically, you get some cute contact cards with your Flickr pics on them, which you can custom fit.
I love the idea of turning customer created media into unique products. Perhaps they can use YouTube to make a comic book or optical contact video card. I might end up using Moo to make cards for Designverb, with selected posts on the backs of each card, then I’ll have a physical blog in a weird way spread throughout the people that I meet. They should fit perfectly into my custom pantone paint chip card holders, which I recently made for my own cards.(I’ll post after the jump)
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seth godin broken

I went to GEL last year, but actually missed Seth Godins lecture then, but due to the fast paced amazing world of the internet, it’s online now for ya’ll to view here! It’s basically Seth doing another swift and incredible presentation…this one basically a demo of the wonderful webpage which he started with guru GEL Master Mark Hurst. Give the video a shot and enjoy the many wonderful things that are Broken in our clumsy mystified world and get a good laugh!

hp slimming camera

My gosh! What’s become of our society. Of all the features to add into a camera, I never thought I’d see this. In HP’s terms, “slimming” squashes your image horizontally making you seem thinner. Now I know lots of us have extra pounds on us, but seriously, does it really make us feel better by digitally losing weight or squashing ourselves? After streaming through a slideshow of pictures from this camera, your going to look back at reality and think, damn, we all look so fat. At least the fashion worlds banned models that were too thin this past week to strut the catwalk. The only reason I’d want to use such a device is to squish back together those widescreen plasma screens that stretch images apart that don’t seem to bother some.(this seriously bugs me) Anyhow, as far as I know, every camera will be a mini photoshop on the go down the road which could be fun.via ohgizmo

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Most of you have heard about this already, but if not, check out for an impressive collection(network) of ad-free music! Once you try this ipod like interface you’ll enjoy the sweet music fades between songs and custom playlists. They even have a firefox plugin for quick song finds.
Many have doubts this site will stay legal, so have your go at before it shuts down! Personally, I still use Yahoo’s Launchcast which rocks since it uses Gracenote tech to suggest songs to you much like Amazon does for books.

wallpaper travel guides

Are you a travelholic craving stunning restaurants and great designs for your next adventure? Well, if so, check out these vibrant pocket-sized “City Guides” by Wallpaper and Phaidon. 20 books are due out in October and 40 others will follow in 2007 packed full of tips, images, destinations, maps, and more for your design-centric needs.  I’ve been using superfuture maps for my shopping needs, but these compact books would make any traveling journey exciting. Take a look at their site which gives you a glimpse of their Barcelona guide.
via notcot 

web apps

I’m playing around with some online apps. Give them a shot and let me know what you think:– Great online ajax client for all your IM’s. They’ll have a mobile version soon! They also have MeeboMe, letting your non-tech-centric friends or strangers IM you! KoolIM and Wablet are also promising.– Online sharable calendar. I’d put this one up against Google Calendar(I wish they had an offline version to sync to)– FREE real phone number people can call you on! Be a good 800# for your house. Stanaphone gave out free numbers before, but now charge for this service.– Web-activated telephony in a click! An interesting approach to voip with some added services. I called Hong Kong on my cell phone for free!!! I still use Skype and Stanaphone though.– Online desktop made simple, though it was glitchy on me at first!