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The Noun Projects is a visual library of icons representing everyday things we stumble upon daily, but this library is free to the public for use under Creative Commons. Pretty sweet project, and they also have  Kickstarter page if ya want to help them out.
Heres a bit more about them:

“sharing, celebrating and enhancing the world’s visual language”

The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world’s visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way. Here is our pledge to you:

The symbols on this site are and always will remain free. We believe symbols can not be effectively shared with the world if they are not free.

Everyone like simplicity. We want you to be able to come to our site and effortlessly find and obtain what you are looking for. Simple as that.

We think a language that can be understood by all cultures and people is a pretty amazing thing. We also think our symbols and the objects or ideas they represent are works of art worth celebrating. Check out our store.

We get excited about things like scale, proportion, and shape. We are committed to design and quality in everything we do.

Photographer Jordan Matter has a great project of dancers in nyc doing their thing in public spaces making them stand out quite a bit. Makes me wonder what life might be like in a city full of dancers. Take a look at the fascinating gallery here, otherwise, I’ll mirror some of my favorites from his “Dancers Among Us” after the jump.

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For those of you that could not make it to the DLD conference in Munich this year like myself, there is a livestream of their lectures all 3 days. Take a peek at their schedule then grab some food and watch the all day series of talks. Keep in mind the schedule is in Munich time, so I think about 5-6 hours ahead of EST.

*they also have a great archive of each video in that livestream url. Watch these anytime.

As snow poors across the world it reminds me of when I attended RISD where I met several international students whom had never experienced snow before. At times, I’d see these students sit outside in a corner just watching the snow for hours as it collected on their shoulders, but then I’d pile them up into theh snow, telling them this was the full experience.

Anyhow, the video above reminds me in this experience.  Panasonic has a new Insulator and to demonstrate how good it is, they made a snowman in Japan, packed it up inside this new material, then shipped it o Bahrain 8,000 kilometers away. Besides the incredible feat, what grabs my attention even more is a reminder in how amazing snow can be. It’s amazing to see how these kids from Bahrain react. I do wonder I I first reacted seeing snow? Do you remember your first time?

For more details on the project and the story behind it:

Cocohon 555 celebrates a gathering to bring together a feast with 5 pigs, 5 wine makers , and 5 chefs.  I’m thinking about going to the one in Boston next sunday. They have dates in NYC, Seattle, Napa, SF, DC, Chicago, Denver, LA, and New Orleans as well. Looks pretty amazing. Has anyone here been?

“Cochon 555 is a one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event–five chefs, five pigs, five wine makers–to promote sustainable farming of heritage breed pigs. Each stop along the ten-city tour offers hard-working local farmers the opportunity to connect with like-minded agriculturalists, renowned chefs and the pork-loving public. Our goal is to help family farms sustain and expand their businesses and to encourage breed diversity. Cochon 555 is the only heritage breed pig culinary competition in the country.”

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Back in October I posted about an amazing experience in touching a living lung during TEDmed2010. Well, now the talk about the Vitro machine that helps keep these organs alive for transplants is online here.

“Dr. Keshavjee mesmerizes the TEDMED audience as he unveils a breathing lung on stage and describes how this technology is saving lives.”

One of my favorite conferences to attend in the best location in Monterey CA is the EG conference happening April 7-9. It’s a very intimate gathering with 300 attendees and speakers for 3 days over lectures, conversations, and an assortment of entertainment ranging from discovery, music, technology, the mind, and amazing stories… or at Matt Groening of the Simpsons who also attends says “It’s like being a fish and analyzing your water…it’s too hard to describe the EG experience.”

I’d highly recommend anyone that can come to attend since I’ll be attending this year as well. it’ll be my 3rd year. Also, for those of you that might need a bit of help, if I can get 4 other readers to attend, I can get a pretty good discount off for each of you. If you are interested, throw me an email and I can send you more details.

Charity Tillemann was the opening act at TEDmed 2010 back in October. Watch the video, and don’t miss out on the amazing talk after her singing. It’s an unbelievable story and I don’t want to ruin anything so if you have 20 minutes, watch the video and be prepared to be amazed with her story. I got to have dinner with Charity later that night and she is quite a firecracker of a personality!


Awesome… thats all I have to say about these Lego creations Angry Bird style. I can even hear the theme song ringing in my ears now… If only Lego had the rights to sell sets of these…they would sell millions.
Lots of pics after the jump. All of the pics on the facebook album via Tsang Yiu Keung (aka Chiukeung).

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Ha! Have you ever seen a website or ad and just wondered…what was their marketing department thinking?
“Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising” takes a crack at marketing with very truthful strategies they seem to add to everything for no great reasons. Take a glance at their site, but I’ll post a few of my favorites below after the jump.

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