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Hello world! Thank you for all your messages over the weeks since I have not had time to post anything lately.

I’ve been incredibly busy at the awesome start-up I’m at (We’re hiring creatives/ me), glued late at night watching the incredible Tour De France or just Lance Armstrong, laughing several times at the video of Buzz Aldrin punching a news reporter claiming the moon landing was fake, seeing very simple fun addictive websites such as this one, comparing the positions of people doing yoga or being drunk, viewing an awesome video of bike pro Danny Macaskill doing some great tricks, attending TEDxBoston, watching the Incredible Youth Symphony of America(YOA) conducted by Ben Zanders, trying to figure out how to help with the inspirational foundation El Sistema USA (a TED2009 wish), and most recently having a great time watching a recent wedding dance ceremony introduction go viral posted above!

Besides the crazy busy month in work and odd distractions, I’ll be catching up to many of the suggestions sent in and posting again soon.  Or as I’d like to think, I leaned back briefly, just like President Obama did in this awesome picture in the White House.

Designer Vadim Kibardin’s very neat OLED Clock concept. When it’s dark, the digits light up. When it’s dark, they are black. I’m not exactly sure how they turn black, or what the material would be, but I can see a version using e-ink to make the white surface black (same stuff that’s on a Kindle). Maybe I’ll just go get some phospher watches and mash into my wall so the clock seems embedded into the paint! buhyah!

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Who ever knew! I’ve been doing it wrong my entire life!

If your the majority of people I know that peel open a banana from the stem, then check out this video and be a bit baffled how simple it really is to open he correct way!

I’m finding monkeys surprisingly smarter than myself after watching this! Also watch this video on how to split a banana into 3 wedges.

Art: Spiral of Michael Jackson
Work: 10 basic productivity tricks
Web: Etherpad, real time sharable writing board
Green: almost waterless washer…or 90% less water
Read: How industries Fail by Michael Nielson
Architecture: really cool large cube space.
Art+Design: Space Jello mold competition
Fun: Airplane toilet trick video
Odd: Fish with human like teeth
Style: Neat floors

Waterproof bags have always been popular in protecting your goodies from getting soaked. Taking it a step further is Timbuk2 and their new Dolore Chiller bag ($110) that not only prevents water from coming in but also keeps it from going out, hence making a pretty nifty bag that also acts as a summer Cooler holding some 20 drinks with ice and a bottle opener on the side.

Sometimes doing the opposite makes something better.  I recall a story about kayak shoes, where previous shoes prevented water from getting in, but the problem was that once some water got in it was really hard to get out. So Puma took a flip side and said, hey, let’s make a shoes that lets water in really easily which will let it out easily, hence the puma k1 shoes!

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