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Hit it” is a series of furniture, consisting of a table and chairs. They resemble Saloon furniture from western movies, but the difference lies in the material. Hit It allows everyone to feel like a strong cowboy. Saloon fighting will now not only be fun, but safe.”

We’ve all played with stress balls, but I’d love to get my hands on a stress table or chair and smack it around like a cowboy in a movie set! Awesome, I want, I want!
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Mihoko Ouchi and Sherwood Forlee of “Think of The” have created a very pop art like laptop speaker in the form of a quotation bubble. Very simple and rather amusing! Personally, I’d prefer a black rimmed, white speaker to match Ji Lees Bubble Project Stickers, but black works just as well

Available this soon in 2009 for $120.
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I’m not sure what the deal with sharks is this week, but after finding the fun “There’s a Shark in my Soup Bowl” design, I’ve come across another whimsical use of a shark fin for a tea bag holder from designer Pablo Matteoda . Sharky holds your tea leaves in a floating metal fin container while slowly dispersing tea leaf colors into the water creating a shark attack like scene. Fun, but also somewhat terrifying.

Very cool! Maybe it’s the twisting screw bottom, though most likely the draft angles and measurements etched into the crystal glass. Very industrial, very “I want I want!”

“The Ruckl Crystal Glassworks in the Czech republic manufactures an extensive range of cut 24% leaded crystal in a wide variety, from the simple to the extremely complex, with gilt, hand painting and sandblasting.

Inspired by the sometime archaic-seeming world of the engineer, each piece in the the engineering collection is so named for the etched designs on all the pieces involving the dimensions and spec’s of each piece.

The engineering collection also includes three additional lines: involute gearing, basic quotation, and the splined shaft designs.”

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What happens when you bring the whole freakin’ internet into a room to talk, drink, get happy, and call it an internet culture conference? We’ll, in truth, I’m not sure, but I’m headed down to NYC to find out at this years ROFLThing gathering!

Founded by Tim Hwang (Harvard Berkman, Creative Commons,The U.S. Bureau of Fabulous Bitches) and his rock star team of coders, shakers, and makers, RoflCon (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) kicks off this Saturday in NYC at Santos Party house. The event seems to be sold out, but throw them a note and get on the list or tip the bouncer a few bucks.

A few speakers/attendees to note:
Phillip Torrone at MAKE
– Bre Petits of MAKE, NYCResistor
Jim Louderback of Revision3
– Ji Lee of Bubble Project
– Jason Bitner co-founder of FOUND Magazine
– Matt Bledsoe and Troy Hitch of You Suck At Photoshop.
Vincent Connare, creator of Comic Sans Font
– Ian Spector of Chuck Norris Fact Generator
– Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere
– Alexis Ohanian co-founder of Reddit
– and anything else internet!
– The rest of the NYC RoflThing speakers+schedule here.

“The following video shows what happens when you pretend to shoot somebody in Osaka. Notice how they react by pretending to be shot ^^;
They also show what happens when you pretend to slice them with a sword too….

Is there a region or state in your country where people are more friendly than other states? The people from where I was brought up (Hackey) were right miserable…”
via dannychoo

What an awesome example in cultural differences. In America, I can’t see this attitude happening anywhere in public, besides comic con or other such events. What causes this happiness and environment in such a society, how can all cultures become this way? Did I mention in my travels in Asia I didn’t have to take off my shoes going through the airport security! Why do I live in a country so scared, so hated, so protective… Change is near January 20, 2009!

I’ve just discovered a rather dizzying unbelievable tumbling routine called “Power Tumbling”. Watch the video above and wonder how do you not get dizzy, as the gymnast or even as a watcher! I’ve always been amused with break dancing but this form in tumbling really has me saying, our bodies can do what! If your eye want more, simple do a Youtube search for “power tumbling”.

So besides the overwhelming food adventures surrounding Hong Kong during my holiday break, I also had some time to shop around, observe, and absorb the ever changing cultural landscape. Above is an image my sister took of me waiting for, well, my sister and mother shopping for shoes. I’m the younger sibling, so I’m use to waiting around in woman’s clothing stores which generally have more styles to look at, so it helps a bit being a designer and materials addict.

Check out the pictures after the jump with some notes:

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Okay, it’s late, I’m a bit tired, but this grabbed my attention. GetPeek, the thin simple mobile device that let’s you email and text message (through email) that usually cost $100 with a $20 monthly service fee is going all out and offering a 1 day lifetime service purchase for $300! Yes, I said Lifetime!

I’m not sure what to think, besides this is tempting… but then again, do I need it, do they need it, why are they doing this. Anyhow, it’s a 1 day deal, so I’ll let your mind make up a decision. As far as I know, if it’s a lifetime purchase and I can change the email several times, then I might just get it and pop it in the car, or hand down many generations, or, just use for some bizarre project.

Kudos to GetPeek for doing something first… or at least this is a first I think…is it? Buy it here.