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I’ve posted about Benjamin Zander before, but it’s always great to see him present again with a live demo for a mini master class! Zander rocks along with Rozie (Zanders inspiration)! Buy his book “The Art of Possibility“.

“Opportunity is always one sentence away.”
“Always give an A!”
“When you make a mistake, say, HOW FASCINATING!”

“The only conductor to ever lead the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Zander is a prophet of human potential and an unrivaled champion of joie de vivre. Watch as he helps unlock the boundless potential of a 15 year old cellist and teaches the entire Pop!Tech audience what it means to live in a world of possibility. “

Watch this video!
“Journalist, author and former pirate radio DJ Matt Mason argues that if you can’t stop the pirates – and you can’t – you should figure out how to out-compete them (like Apple did). Mason is an ardent believer that where there’s piracy, there’s market failure – and a big opportunity for organizations smart enough to understand that “you should talk to marketing before you talk to legal.”

The Pirates Dilemma book!

Juan Enriquez (2008) Pop!Tech Pop!Cast from PopTech on Vimeo.

Juan Enriquez presents a vigorous 10 point commandment plan to save the US economy for our next president during Pop!Tech 2008. Watch the video here with more info on joining to help out including a pdf of his presentation!

Buy Juan’s books here.

Copied from the current wiki here:

1. We have to save the dollar (AAA rating in jeopardy)

2. We have to fundamentally and brutally restructure debt

3. All entitlements are fair game.

4. Cut back military by 2% per year for ten years

5. Cap medical costs at 18% GNP (going to be a cat fight, but we need to have it)

6. We have to triage our support for companies (don’t attempt to save dying whales)

7. The program has to be fundamentally American, meaning it must once again limit the federal government.

8. Simplify and broadly apply Sarbanes Oxley – apply it to government, apply it to hedge funds

9. We will invest in growing start up companies (which create the most jobs – this is where the economy is growing)

10. We will treat education as a varsity sport (and continue to recruit foreign PhDs)

I’m off to Camden Maine again for this years “Pop!Tech 2008:Scarcity and Abundance” Conference! This years lineup of speakers and musicians are awesome! I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to post, but make sure to watch the FREE live online video stream!(9am-6:30am EST) Check out the entire speaker list and schedule here, otherwise I’ll list a few highlights below:

Chris Anderson, Editor Wired magazine
Stephen Badylak, Regenerative Medicine
Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point, Blink, New Yorker
Van Jones, human rights and civil rights activist
Jay Parkinson, online doctor
Clay Shirky, all things web
Frank Warren, Post Secret Founder
Benjamin Zander, renaissance musician
Imogen Heap, musician
Erin Mckean, lexicographer
Chris Jordan, photographer
– the unusual, suspenseful, mind blowing, amazing!!!

Swwweeeeet! IdeaPaint transforms any surface into a dry erase board!!!! Just paint over it, let it dry, and marker board away! I’m wanting to paint every elevator, table, chalk board, ceiling, projection surface, column, sketch book cover, and everything else! It’s also very environmentally friendly, allowing any surface to be easily repainted. Watch a video here and get your FREE sample!!!!

If you prefer, you can ChalkBoard your space as well!

Ever since McCain announced his VP to be Sarah Palin there’s been a ton of buzz surrounding her questionable behaviors and background. Anyhoots, someone online made a web page making ya think a bit more about putting her in the white house. So, what would the oval office be like if Sarah Palin took over? Turn up your sound,visit and click away, even multiple times in the same place! Pretty funny!

Get your morning box of “Obama O’s” or ” Cap’n McCains” in from the inventive crew at launching a tasty limited production (500) of election cereal boxes with real cereal, fun facts, a definite conversation starter, and their very own online jingle (Obama O’s Jingle, Cap’n McCains Jingle) . Choose from the political flavors of “Hope in Every Bowl”, a “Maverick in Every Bite”, or both if your seeking a taste in history.

A box of these goodies cost $39 with 5% of the sales to each campaign.

I discovered these delicious new creations during RISD’s alumni sale event this past weekend running into co-founder Joe Gebbia (RISD ID ’05) who’s also founded,, and now

I took a few pics with Joe after the jump… including my Freshmaker selection!

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