I have not been blogging much here, as I am hacked quite often causing lotsa headaches, but in the past few years I’ve been posting the facebook page which will become the norm fyi.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

For those unfamiliar with SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), you must read and dig into this crazy Act that can and will pretty much screw up any freedom and innovation like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Reddit, etc if it happens. Please sign up to petition against it HERE. Learn more about it from the video above from Chris Hayes.

I’ve been incredibly busy helping organize the TEDxCambridge event occurring May 16th at the MIT Stata Center. The theme “How do you eat”  is based off of this year TED prize winner Jamie Oliver in regards to Food and education. If you are in Boston May 16th, apply to get an invite and let me know. We can only invite 300 attendees and registration will close soon. You can learn more on tedxcambridge.com

Also, if you are in a position to sponsor any food, funding, or gifts for the event, please contact me asap. (now! =) ).
We will have 2 break sessions followed by an evening event in eating, drinking, and idea sharing!

Lots of awesome speakers in the line up!
– Wylie Dufresne: WD 50
– Chandler Burr: Times Scent critic
– Dan Ariely: Behavioral Economist
– Richard Chisolm: Filmmaker
– John Gertsen: Mixologist
–  many more!

update: Photos on flickr, via eddric(350),Tino(40), JB (60), millie(16)


Happy Holiday to everyone. I’ll be out in Hong Kong for the break and will be back with some goodies to post most likely dealing with food, shopping, and culture.

If you have not already, please join the Facebook Fan page here which I post to often but write less and it’s open for fans to post to as well. I’ll post a few goodies I shared on the fan page below recently for the holiday break:

Tadpole like sleeping bag (pictured above) Reminds me of Selk bag.
Newspaper laptop sleeve holder. I’ve gotta get this!
TED launches Best of Web.
Cool jacket..I like asymmetric clothing which is hard to come by for guys.
LED lights save energy, but don’t melt snow
Ping Pong office convertible table
Awesome silloutte clock!
xylophone table


Thought: Whoever taught us wine taste better in a glass container over  plastic, paper, or styrofoam container? Did we learn, or just observe and accept the norm?  Do we drive our own opinions, or just accept the norm?

Weird: San Paolo subway Fat seats.
Tech: ThisWasExpensive.com Info Viz chart, domain price vs visits.
Architecture: Wooden House
Trick: How to fix a car dent, with hair dryer and can of air video.
InfoViz: How different groups spend their day

I’m off to San Francisco for a Weekend Wedding, so I’m posting my weekend links a bit early. If ya’ll have any must see, eat, go to events in SF this week, please let me know.

– Travel: Jetblue offers a all you can fly month pass, Sept 8-October 8 ) for $599! hmm, I do need a break, perhaps each weekend!
– Graphics: Incredible digital flowers by Macoto Murayama! very cool, I want the larger images!
– Fashion: Socks are fun, go get happy socks at happysocks.com
– Tech: Nerdy cool web2 pillows! haha, I want I want!
– Fun: Colored bubbles! yah, colored I said…and no stains! its magic!

Art: Spiral of Michael Jackson
Work: 10 basic productivity tricks
Web: Etherpad, real time sharable writing board
Green: almost waterless washer…or 90% less water
Read: How industries Fail by Michael Nielson
Architecture: really cool large cube space.
Art+Design: Space Jello mold competition
Fun: Airplane toilet trick video
Odd: Fish with human like teeth
Style: Neat floors

Kreol – play music by typing from Kreol Music on Vimeo.

My long time buddy Mike Block (cellist guru) sent his latest side project Kreol, which turns any laptop keyboard into a musical instrument. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen keyboard instruments, but there are a few unique elements that set him apart using the mouse and collaborative group jams. Check the Kreol video above.

Snow is melting, birds are chirping, and warmth is near. Hello spring, bye bye winter.

Gaming: Real air pilots race simulated pilots.
Art: Matthew Chambers sculptures. Pretty neat.
Art: The drawings of James Jean.
Tech: Storytlr.com, recompiling your feeds to make sense.
Object: A pretty cool scale with large text!
Tech: Spreednews.com, reading text fast without page turns via your pda.
Tech: DingItUp.com, be informed when a  webpage is up or down!
Science: Visualizing Invisible Magnetic Waves. Very cool!
Art: Toilet roll cutout art work by Yuken Teruya.

A few months back I noticed an oozing mustard filled hot dog sliding down the back windshield of a taxi cab. I’m guessing a pedestrian threw their hot dog of the reckless taxi cab after nearly getting hit by them! This sight amused me for the next few blocks driving!

Japanese Lotion Spin Game Challenge (video)
Charlie Rose vs Charlie Rose video
Drawing with Water video
Automatically make your last Flickr image your Twitter background!
Zink Tomy, the camera with a built in printer!
A Tire hits a car dealership!