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I’ve only recently para glided and I’ve skied quite a bit, but the combination I’ve never thought about until this video above.  Seems pretty amazing, but I’ve got a feeling it’s mighty chilly in the sky. As cool as this is, I still find the base jumping v2 to the walls video a bit more insane! I’ll put that video after the jump if you have not seen it.

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Simple packaging for chocolate from Chocolat Factory. I love the simple, bold font usage. … and the 2 founders just so happen to be designers … =)

“The fact that the company’s founding partners are, respectively, an architect and an interior decorator, has probably exercised a decisive influence in this sensitive approach to design. As Michel Laline himself explains: “When we first launched the company, we realised that no one had used design in the sector as yet, so that formed the base of the business: chocolate and design.” And according to Titus Ruiz: “The concept of the brand was very clear from the start: design with content.”

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If I only knew about the Jointmaker during design school…. I love Japanese saws, but never thought about using them in the inverse where the saw sat static, and the wood was the object that moved to get cut much like a table saw.  Pretty creative and simple. It’s a table saw with no flying dust, no need for electricity, no ear protection or eye gear needed, and a cut as thin and accurate as a Japanese saw vs the wide width of a table saw blade. Only problem I find is the price at around $1,200, but thats what you pay for innovation I guess.


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