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I’ve been really bad at posting this week and I apologize. I’ve been busy and found little to post. I almost posted about the very cool color guiding “MyCuppaTea” but then got distracted by the fact that Guster was playing live near me in September. After hurdling for tickets which I never bought since their concerts start before work ends, I scrambled online looking for the sold out but ever so cool red “Use Helvertica” shirt which lead me to Helvetica: the film. Somehow this took me to a Flickr collection of business cards which reminded me of my DIY Paint Chip card holders which someone did today though not with paint chips.

Now in my bookmarks were some really random links.. a kind of gross but amusing Frog cleaning his stomach, Martin Klimas and his smashing still photography, Hundreds posing naked on Swiss Glaciers thanks to Spencer Tunick, a kick butt Magnum wine ratchet , two huge people fighting, and the ever so fun visible but invisible public toilet which reminded me of the hilarious and very wrong Japanese toilet pranks.

I’d also like to make a shout out to my friend Andy on his company Interwoven Threads (Look good, Do better) He offered up a few shirts to my readers, so if interested, send me a cool link, I’ll pick a few, and he’ll send you a kick-butt shirt and even let you suggest a charity in your area to donate one to.(You buy a shirt, they donate the same one to the needed)

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

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