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Interactive Video Object Manipulation from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.

Adobes playing around yet again with manipulating images, but this time in video! Take a peek at this video demo showing the simplicity in adding anything to an existing video which then latches onto objects without any post production. This is nothing groundbreaking since Video Tracking has been around for some time, but it’s good to see a corporation such as adobe giving it a go!

Also check out Video Tracing!

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Artist Sakurako Shimizu has a great set of jewelry, the Waveform Series, based on sound. She inputs noise or spoken sound, then translates that it into a wave format which is then laser cut into metal pieces turned into necklaces, rings, brooches, etc. A ring with a wave saying “I do”…pretty cool! If only there was a way to play it back directly like the top of a vinyl record!

Reminds me a bit of NewsKnitter (turning daily news into a sweater) and VoicePrints (turning your voice into a pattern for textiles)

Haha, this made me giggle, smile, wonder, and wish I was a kid again! These friendly creatures eat each other! Education at it’s best! Too bad their sold out currently, cause I’d buy a few sets to give away!

“Food Chain Friends are from Daro, a small green planet much like Earth was 200 million years ago. Daro teems with wildlife, and its exceptionally social and gracious species flourish in a complex – but oddly, very friendly – ecosystem. They’re friends. They eat each other. It’s a complicated relationship! Available in Food Chain ALPHA Series and Food Chain BETA Series, sold separately.”

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Welcome Back from ImprovEverywhere on Vimeo via swissmiss presents “Welcome Back” where a crew of total strangers enthusiastically welcome back total strangers at the airport terminal! I think everyone should be greeted this way!!!!

Reminds me a bit on Ben Zanders lessons on How Happy Birthday Should Always be sung; with passionate enthusiasm, waving hands while standing, vibrant smiles, and shining eyes with a community of awesome people!

(Clockwise from left: Aaron Daye/The Gainesville Sun; Monica Almeida/The New York Times; Monica Almeida/The New York Times; Zach Boyden-Holmes/The New York Times)

NYtimes has a great short interview article in how the now iconic “Obama O” logo and campaign was created in a matter of weeks from motion and graphic design firm MODE and Sol Sender ! I’ll copy the article after the jump as well.
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Cool! I’m going to make a bunch of these and plaster them around the office, then make another batch with my own face or co-workers!

“Three papercraft scientists that I’ve just made. Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan , Charles Darwin. I strongly recommend thicker paper. Adhesive tape and glue are not necessary, but a little bit of glue is good to maintain their structure.

To download their pdfs just click on their names, to see a small preview here -the preview is in portuguese but the pdfs are in english.”

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A few months back I noticed an oozing mustard filled hot dog sliding down the back windshield of a taxi cab. I’m guessing a pedestrian threw their hot dog of the reckless taxi cab after nearly getting hit by them! This sight amused me for the next few blocks driving!

Japanese Lotion Spin Game Challenge (video)
Charlie Rose vs Charlie Rose video
Drawing with Water video
Automatically make your last Flickr image your Twitter background!
Zink Tomy, the camera with a built in printer!
A Tire hits a car dealership!

Kokuyo adds a simple twist to a highlighter pen allowing you to highlight, circle, or outline any text!

Several years ago I slammed my highlighter into a corner and left 2 jagged edges leaving vampire like tips (I might have also just carved a triangle out with an exacto blade late into a creative night procrastinating). Anyhow, I used the pen until it dried up, but I never thought I’d see this accident turn into a product! Accidents(procrastinating) are sometimes the best inventions!

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