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One of my favorite talks from his years poptech 2010:

“From crayfish hairs to monkey neurons, Radiolab host and producer Jad Abumrad shares examples of how sound has been used to make scientific strides. Along the way, he explains how audio can convey failure or express error.”

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Closing speaker at this years Poptech 2010: David Eagleman on Possibilianism. Pretty awesome talk!

“Neuroscientist and best-selling author David Eagleman introduces the concept of Possibilianism, a new philosophy that simultaneously embraces a scientific toolbox while exploring new, unconsidered uncertainties about the world around us.”

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I’m off to San Diego for this years sold out TEDMED conference which I’ve never been to but I’ve heard so much about. If your are going, let me know, or let me know what else to look out for in San Diego. The line-up of speakers is quite amazing and several of their previous talks can be seen in their video archives which I’d highly recommend watching.

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I’m off to PopTech 2010 for the rest of the week where the theme is “BRILLIANT ACCIDENTS, NECESSARY FAILURES, AND IMPROBABLE BREAKTHROUGHS”. As usual, poptech will be live streaming all of the talks online for free here! Watch the feed, follow some of my tweets, or let me know if your at PopTech and want to meetup!

hmm, interesting. I never knew that to be a reason people hung up bottles of water near food. Makes much more sense now!

“If you can’t stand the smell or deadly poisons that come with store-bought bug spray, then this surprisingly attractive Anti-Fly Sphere 2.0 may just the pest deterrent you’ve been looking for. Designed by Netherlands-based José de la O, the Anti-Fly was inspired by the taco kiosks in Mexico, which use hanging plastic bags full of water to ward off flies by confusing their sensitive eyes with amplified colors and movements through light refraction. A little fancier that a Ziploc full of water, José’s design is a totally revamped version that consists of a beautiful glass bulb and stopper. Gorgeous, green, non-toxic and kill-free — these are words we’d never expect to use to describe bug repellent!”

José de la O
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A good friend of mine James Patten (MIT Medialab alumn) was visiting this week and showed me a new project of his, or at least it was new to me.  He took a bunch of translucent lcd films, tiled them, and made one huge transparent screen which can make the grid  translucent, black, or even gray tones for some pretty sweet effects. Watch the video above and watch out for the final project via his website

“A prototype transparent LCD screen for an upcoming installation. 16×16 = 256 tiles. Eventual installation will be roughly 6000 tiles and 150′ in length. Project details private at the moment.”

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First came dancing down the wedding aisle, and now comes dancing down the airline aisle giving instructions. Along with some rapping on the intercom on an airline, our service world is becoming a musical. Imagine an airline ride being as entertaining as a Broadway show.  I love it!

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