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nathan shedroff core77
If your interested in the world of “Experience Design” then give Nathan Shedroff, an experience strategists, a listen from core77’s podcast here(45 mins). Otherwise dig into his great publications on his website.
As a indusrial designer, I’ve always approached design as a methodology and not as a restrictive definition. I’m not saying restrictions are bad, but it’s bad without knowing what’s allowed, which also let’s you do a ton of different projects. If your a student out there still defining design, check out experience design, because once you figure it out, you can pretty much take on any project ranging from basic product development, business plans, marketing strategies, emotional connections, brand value, and much much more…it’s such a broad and adaptive direction that you’ll be always be learning, trying, and understanding. That’s just my take an love for experience design, which also includes the physical world and not just GUI/web design as most people know it as for some odd reason.
pink pitaya dragon fruit

Wow…OMG that looks soooo good! I personally loooove eating dragon fruits, but I’ve never seen a flamming pink one like the one above! As much as I crave dragon fruits, this picture made me mentally drool. Not only does an image like this capture my attention, curiosity, and thoughts, but it ignites my tastebuds. I’ve always wondered how to extract that magical element in food into product design. Sure, there’s amazing packaging, housewares, utencils, glasses, and items that surround food, but how can product designs in say laptops, pens, chairs, cars, etc make me drool like food does? I’m not sure, but I do believe in the idea of sense being enhanced or triggered by the other senses…like hearing through images, or seeing through touch.  Here’s a pretty cool thesis bases on that idea called “Synesthesia”.

via deliciousdays (a very inspiring tasty blog)(fyi: designers looove kick butt food)

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Here’s a great inspirational article/list of 25 online start-ups to watch out for this year. If your an entrepreneur craving to see what’s hot in the web world then this is a must see list. Some services I live by, some I’ve never heard of…Time to start up the trial engine this weekend.

CNN’s article here and slideshow of all the groups here. I’ll post all the start-ups briefs after the jump.

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faceted curtains

Woa, cool…faceted curatins by Hannah Allijn ….I love the untraditional especially in fabrics! Reminds me of an incredible faceted purse a friend owned by master fashion designer Issey Miyake. ( I cant find a pic online of it, but it rocked…the triangulated black leather mesh cradled to any surface while flickering reflections in all directions just like a diamond)(made me very jealous but then again, anything from Miyake would make a designer drool)

via designsponge
update: This Faceted Gas Station oddly reminds me of these curtains. I prefer the curtains though…

laser tag graffiti research lab
Here’s another amazing project and video by the beloved urban communicators “Graffiti Research Lab” making a slick and beautiful interaction between a user, a simple green laser pointer, a projector, and some code! This is projected graffiti at it’s best! Here’s a nice Flickr collection from the project. I’m all for making art on buildings with projectors since there’s no damage done though I’m sure a huge flicker of light into your office space can be crazy annoying when your panicking to finish up a deadline without distrations…oh well. Keep it rock’n ya’ll!

Last week, Jetblue had a hell of a time with all the news spreading around about the horrific operational meltdown during the frigid weather that gave some unlucky passengers a hell of a crappy waiting experience (waiting in an airplane on the runway for 8 hours)(NYTimes story after the jump). I was stunned to hear this horrible news as I myself think and rate JetBlue as a revolutionary company redefining the airline experience both before, online, during, and after.

Well, right before I dived into the story any further, JetBlues CEO David Neeleman announced a YouTube video with an apology with some major policy changes. The changes include:

• All non-airport crew members of JetBlue will be badged and ready to go if needed to be called upon
• Increasing number phone lines open for changing reservations
• Tripling the size of the group that schedules pilots and stewardesses

The airline announced a new reimbursement program for delayed passengers, retroactive to last Thursday, February 15.

• Delays 1-2 hours: $25 off a future flight
• Delays 2-4 hours: $50 off a future flight
• Delays 6+ hours: Free round-trip ticket

More details on the jetblue site here.

Now, thats a hell of a incentive to book from Jetblue and be rewarded for the airlines delays compared to other airlines. I also read that any passenger booked passenger declined a seat because of overbooking would be rewarded $1000!!!Anyhoots, kudos to Jetblue for setting some new standards again in an age old business that everyone uses!

via consumerists

(full nytimes articel after the jump)
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PSP giveaway and game. Every Extend Extra

Win a fresh spankin PSP with the game “Every Extend Extra” signed by the guru game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi! “Every Extend Extra” is a mind-boggling puzzle fighting game packed full of trippy visuals and crazy beats sure to keep you loopy and addicted all day long.

I’ve got 1 PSP, and 2 copies of “Every Extend Extra” to give away to readers, including one signed copy, courtesy of BuenaVistaGames.

So how do you WIN this PSP and games on designverb? I’ll make it simple. E-mail me:

1. The name of the guru gamer I did pong with last year?
2. Send me a link/s to something inspirational that I have not seen yet and that I can post?(I see lots!)(

I’ll wait a week or so, put some names in a hat, and update this post with the winners! (whoohooo!)

Update: Thanks for all the tips and inspirational links from ya’ll. Congrats to Eddric L and Sarah P for winning the prizes… I’ll have their tips posted soon.

snow angels world record

Call it inspirational, funny, or plain cool…..when 9,000 people gather together to make snow angels in a park it makes me smile. The great image reminds me of “Where’s Waldo” though my eyes quickly gravitated towards the flock of orange lined jackets in the center….that would rock if Google Earth captured this over the weekend. Otherwise, it would make a cool micro print.

Another great find via bookofjoe. (washington post article)

Here’s a pretty interesting video tour into a few projects within Microsofts research team if you have an hour to spare. One interesting concept is a gestural interface from one’s keyboard using your hands. Is it useful, practical, or desirable is up to you to decide, but it’s good to see a variety of concepts working in reality… Watch it, ask questions later…

via Scoble Show

dont click it
I’m not sure what to think, say, or discuss about this website,, but it brings up an interesting point, suggestion, interaction, or just question about the “click” on a webpage. Can we live without the click? Is the click needed, desired, useful, functional? Of course it is, but this webpage does the “what if” factor…I do recall those silent mouses failing or leaving a huge void in ones computer experience…check it out, ask questions later…

urban exam all look the same
The incredibly fun and rather tough “We All Look the Same” test to differentiate between images of Chinese, Korean, or Chinese people that I posted about before has expanded their face test to several other cultural tests in their “Exam Room“. Besides faces, the test now includes Modern Art, Architecture, Photos, Urban Scenes, Food, and Architectural Details. I took the food test and scored 14/18, but I failed miserably at the Art test with 9/18. Go take the tests and feel proud or miserable about your eye for asian culture.

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