Campfire Weekend!

rusty belle

If your in the Boston area this weekend and craving some awesome acoustic music, hit up Club Passim In Harvard Square for their 4 day “Cutting Edge of the Campfire Weekend” filled with an eclectic range of live music ranging from folk, country, classical, a bit of rock, and bluegrass. If you like acoustic music, you’ll love it here! It’s also located in Veggie Planet hence serving up an awesome meal while chilling to some good tunes.

Pictured above is Rustic Belle. They served up an incredibly unique and new sound to music by mixing up a rustic set of tin cans, drums, guitars, baby toys, an accordion, a zither, and other various wonders. Their sound and performance was a mix of gypsidic, pirate like, jazz-spunk, with a parisian french chocolate type of twist played by a very chill and happy crew of characters..yea, very different! Here are some highlights from the two Campfire events I’ve been to:

Campfire May 06 highlights, based on live shows:
Laura Distasi, Christina Orbe, Tripping Lily, Milton, Ilyaimy, Laura Cortese, Rachel Mccartney, Jason Myles Goss, Morwenna Lasko& Jay Pun,Tim Gearan, Gretel, Lily Holbrook, Don DiLego, Sydney Wayser, Melody Garoot, Frank Marotta, Jr.

Campfire Sept 06 highlights:(minus some repeats above)
Rose Polenzani, Brian Webb, Justin Rosolino, Rusty Belle, Amy Campbell, Jenny Owen Youngs, Trisha O’Keefe, Matt Duke, Jesse Dee, Miss Tess, Rolla, Tom Bianchi, Mark Radcliffe, Blue Moose & The Unbuttoned Zippers, Ralston, Anne Heaton, Mieka Pauley, Jaded Mandolin, Ellery, Hoots and Hellmouth, Notorious, Abbie MacQuarrie & Amanda Cavanaugh

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    […] It’s been a week since Club Passims incredible “Campfire Weekend of Music” and I’m craving for more, but, it’ll be awhile before the next Campfire, so I thought I’d share with ya’ll some vibrant tunes from some recent musicians I heard play live! […]

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