7 comments on “TOMS: Shoes for Tommorrow!

  1. This is such an awesome idea! There are loads of people who would never give money to a charity or buy shoes to send to a needy child, but, who would pay a little extra for a pair of shoes just because it goes to a good cause.

  2. For sure..this is a hot topic, and hopefully a trend ALL companies follow down the road, I’m making a list to buy during thanksgiving! And hell, I’ll donate my own time to make some killer graphics on those white ones for TOMS to sell as well for good cause.

  3. Hey everybody
    If you want free shipping online…please use the promotional code JOSIEC and feel free to tell everyone about it..it should be relevant this whole summer, using it would really help me and TOMS out

  4. josie,

    muchos gracias! Do you work for TOMS?
    Anyhoots, free shipping always rocks! I’ll buy a bundle for some friends…if you work for TOMS, throw me an email…I might have a great opportunity to get some attention from some BIG connections that might interest you.

  5. These shoes are ugly but are for a good cause. Nike or adidas would never do this. Women could easily kick in these but I will stick with my vans and AF 25.

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