6 comments on “Pink Dragon Fruit!

  1. thanks for the link…I’ll be posting more on food from some recent food blogs i’ve been following….. I’ve found some incredible ones….I’ve always told ppl that everything is getting digitalized…everything but food, hence the good ol food that we know of stays supreme…okie…back to some visual eating…i’ve got a few ideas for food sites/blogs/services down the pipeline…perhaps I’ve get some funding one day and make it happen.

  2. I echo your thoughts, excitment, and craving!!!!! i still have to figure out where to buy this pink version…and i hear it cost like $30 vs the white ones white ones which are like $3.

  3. Hello there! You’ve got a superb one! Is that different from the red pitaya? Do you have cuttings of it? How can i avail some cuttings if ever i wish to have one?

  4. i got this picture online somwhere…i wished i could try it, but none are available where I am…i hear you can find some in London and in other asian cities…but as for the states..there are few.

  5. I bought a dragon fruit thinking it would taste good, i personally know dragon fruits are white on the inside but when I sliced it, it was pink!!!! It tastes exactly like the white one but just the colour is diff 🙂

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