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Here’s a pretty interesting video tour into a few projects within Microsofts research team if you have an hour to spare. One interesting concept is a gestural interface from one’s keyboard using your hands. Is it useful, practical, or desirable is up to you to decide, but it’s good to see a variety of concepts working in reality… Watch it, ask questions later…

via Scoble Show

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  1. Adam McNutt Says:

    The only thing I see overall in the gesture interface is it’s price. It seemed VERY slow to me. I use gesture input as pretty much my only input, as I use a Fingerworks Touchstream keyboard. I can’t tell you how much I love gestures. The keyboard was pricey in it’s day, and has only gone up in value since Apple bought the company. I wish they’d DO something with it now. The whole 2 finger scroll, and thi iPhone don’t show off ANY of the keyboard’s features.

  2. tango! Says:

    heyo…thanks for the info…I’d love to hear more about the Fingerworks touchscreen…there were early rumors that apple bought or licensed off of Fingerworks…or they just plain copied them…then again, the 2 finger thing was done 2 years ago by Jef Han and his famous multi touch screen(seen over 1 billion times on YouTube).
    As for Apple…I have no comments until it is out….it’s great that they put it on, but what is the real killer app… update, send me pics of you using the Fingerworks…i’m really curious to how well it really works..(I’d get one, but the same story…its $$$samples anyone?)

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