Nathan Shedroff Interview

nathan shedroff core77
If your interested in the world of “Experience Design” then give Nathan Shedroff, an experience strategists, a listen from core77’s podcast here(45 mins). Otherwise dig into his great publications on his website.
As a indusrial designer, I’ve always approached design as a methodology and not as a restrictive definition. I’m not saying restrictions are bad, but it’s bad without knowing what’s allowed, which also let’s you do a ton of different projects. If your a student out there still defining design, check out experience design, because once you figure it out, you can pretty much take on any project ranging from basic product development, business plans, marketing strategies, emotional connections, brand value, and much much more…it’s such a broad and adaptive direction that you’ll be always be learning, trying, and understanding. That’s just my take an love for experience design, which also includes the physical world and not just GUI/web design as most people know it as for some odd reason.

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