all look the we?

all look the same test

Are you asian, or think you can tell the difference between someone thats japaneses, chinese, korean, etc? This is a great classic site thats been up for years to test your asian awareness-ism. They give you 20 some images, and you vote for what ethnicity that person looks like. I got 13/20..not too bad…do we really all look the same to some people? There needs to be a european version of this test..take the test!

update: They have expanded the “looks like” test with extra cultural test ranging from Food, Art, Architecture, and much more in their new Exam Room. I got 15/18 on the food test 😉

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  1. designverb Says:

    […] Can you spot the fake smiles? I thought I’d have a slight advantage having studied facial anatomy before but I scored 14/20 on this test which actually rates about the same as my Asian “We all look the same” test. Give the test a go, and call out those fake smiles! […]

  2. tango! Says:

    wow…thanks for the link to the forum…TONS of info there to absorb…I’m familiar with notions like japanees people have bent thighs for reasons, and asians have smaller eyes, etc, but I never dug into the historical details that the forum touches base on…thanks again, i’ll dive into it all aftet the new yr!!

  3. designverb Says:

    […] The incredibly fun and rather tough “We All Look the Same” test to differentiate between images of Chinese, Korean, or Chinese people that I posted about before has expanded their face test to several other cultural tests in their “Exam Room“. Besides faces, the test now include Modern Art, Architecture, Photos, Urban Scenes, Food, and Architectural Details. I took the food test and scored 14/18, but I failed miserably at the Art test with 9/18. Go take the tests and feel proud or miserable about your eye for asian culture. […]

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