Win a PSP and Game!!!

PSP giveaway and game. Every Extend Extra

Win a fresh spankin PSP with the game “Every Extend Extra” signed by the guru game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi! “Every Extend Extra” is a mind-boggling puzzle fighting game packed full of trippy visuals and crazy beats sure to keep you loopy and addicted all day long.

I’ve got 1 PSP, and 2 copies of “Every Extend Extra” to give away to readers, including one signed copy, courtesy of BuenaVistaGames.

So how do you WIN this PSP and games on designverb? I’ll make it simple. E-mail me:

1. The name of the guru gamer I did pong with last year?
2. Send me a link/s to something inspirational that I have not seen yet and that I can post?(I see lots!)(

I’ll wait a week or so, put some names in a hat, and update this post with the winners! (whoohooo!)

Update: Thanks for all the tips and inspirational links from ya’ll. Congrats to Eddric L and Sarah P for winning the prizes… I’ll have their tips posted soon.

8 Responses to “Win a PSP and Game!!!”

  1. irejun Says:

    Are you willing to send it to Korea??

  2. tango! Says:

    irene yo! korea…hmmm… come to boston yo!!!

  3. bigevent Says:

    What about switzerland..^^

  4. tango! Says:

    for you joe….i’ll send it, or keep it till you come back to the GSD.. 😉 when do u return…fall?

  5. marvin Says:

    what about in phillippines thats very far far than korea……

  6. Jean estache Says:

    please let me win this .. cause i dont have no games or game system at home and no computer…so please let me winthe free psp .. lord please

  7. tango! Says:

    jean, sorry, but this contest was several months ago…. next time.

  8. Malik Steele Says:

    I love the psp. I’ve been wanting it for tree years now. So I really do want to win. Well, see ya.

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