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  1. To whom it may concern:

    I don’t know if this is the correct department for this issue? If not please forward accordingly. I also have a vision problem, thus the large font size.
    I lost a black leather glove I believe on my flight home from Dulles to Oakland on Feb. 5th (arrived in Oakland shortly after midnight on the 6th. I’m wondering if it may have been found after we departed the plane. I was sitting I believe row 5 or 6 in seat A (I believe). In any event, if this glove was found could someone contact me at my home phone so I can arrange to get it returned? My home number is: 510-782-1812.

    Thank you,
    Michael Caesare
    2766 Hawthorne Ct.
    Hayward, CA 94545

  2. To whom it may concern:
    I flew from Jfk to Tampa Florida. I was on flight 65 seat 8D on Dec.6th. I fly
    Jet Blue quite often and was dissappointed when I had no T.V. Doesn’t Jetblue check all T.V.’s before we take off? I am leaving again on Jetblue
    Jan.1st,2009 and hope I do not run into this problem again.
    Carol E. Sposato
    20 Saturn Blvd.Hauppauge N.Y. 11788

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