Osaka People: Bang and Slice reactions!

“The following video shows what happens when you pretend to shoot somebody in Osaka. Notice how they react by pretending to be shot ^^;
They also show what happens when you pretend to slice them with a sword too….

Is there a region or state in your country where people are more friendly than other states? The people from where I was brought up (Hackey) were right miserable…”
via dannychoo

What an awesome example in cultural differences. In America, I can’t see this attitude happening anywhere in public, besides comic con or other such events. What causes this happiness and environment in such a society, how can all cultures become this way? Did I mention in my travels in Asia I didn’t have to take off my shoes going through the airport security! Why do I live in a country so scared, so hated, so protective… Change is near January 20, 2009!

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  1. Eddric Says:

    Haha…. concur. amusing. nonetheless!

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