Sharky: Shary Tea Bag Holder

I’m not sure what the deal with sharks is this week, but after finding the fun “There’s a Shark in my Soup Bowl” design, I’ve come across another whimsical use of a shark fin for a tea bag holder from designer Pablo Matteoda . Sharky holds your tea leaves in a floating metal fin container while slowly dispersing tea leaf colors into the water creating a shark attack like scene. Fun, but also somewhat terrifying.

5 Responses to “Sharky: Shary Tea Bag Holder”

  1. Nikao Says:

    Dope!!! Great find.

  2. Henry Says:

    Very creative .. And perhaps a little forbidding..!

  3. Erin Waldrep Says:

    Haha! This is great! You always find the amusing things! Thanks!

  4. Madeline Says:

    How much do you sell Sharky for?

  5. Ailin Says:

    May I know where can I buy that cute thing?? Do they ship to Malaysia?
    Thank you!

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