Hong Kong: About and Around

So besides the overwhelming food adventures surrounding Hong Kong during my holiday break, I also had some time to shop around, observe, and absorb the ever changing cultural landscape. Above is an image my sister took of me waiting for, well, my sister and mother shopping for shoes. I’m the younger sibling, so I’m use to waiting around in woman’s clothing stores which generally have more styles to look at, so it helps a bit being a designer and materials addict.

Check out the pictures after the jump with some notes:

Asiana airlines from Seoul to Hong Kong Economy class. All I can say is damn, these screens are huge! First class and Business had even larger screens. They were touch screens along wih remotes on the side if you preferred.

This is Lan Kwai Fong on the Hong Kong side, where many night party goers meet, and many visitors gather. I’m nto a huge fan of the place, but it’s always good to swing by for the night.

Cats here have huge yes! This is some pet shop on the street…

I’m not sure what the deal is, but these mini Escalators are everywhere! So small, like 8 steps!

For those of you that don’t know, the number “8” is a very very lucky number in Asian culture, hence this restaurant ends every dish price with the number “8”.

Karaoke: Okay, so everyone’s been through a night of karaoke, but I experienced 2 things that were very new or odd.

1) After every 5th song or so, the machine automatically played a 1-2 minute commercial. Yup, while your paying for a room by the hour, they insert ads that you can’t avoid.

2) Every night, from what I have heard, around 10, they shut down all the screens which switch to this bizarre “police are here, have you ID’s out” message. Next thing I knew, we all stopped singing, and all 3 screens in our room displayed this message. Everyone just sat still with their ID’s in hand waiting. This lasted a good 35 minutes and yes, this is an hourly rental place! So I paid to sit there waiting for police to check my ID. Usually they just peek into the room window and make a decision there, but if they want to catch under age drinking, why warn them before checking. This reminded me way too much of 5th Element, or even Minority Report when they are searching for someone.

Some pictures from a tailors window. Pretty cool. Seems like he’s pretty well known.

Looking closer: Oh wait, somethings odd. Somethings weird. Holy crap, it’s a fake, he’s tailoring a WAX version, not a real celebrity!

My gosh, he even poses with president George Bush. Is this suppose to be impressive? I don’t understand, but it’s rather amusing starring into this window realizing they are fake and have the real tailor look at me. (my sister discovered this oddity)

Me: walking about Hong Kong shopping.

Wan Chai: shopping Christmas day in a rather crowded place!

Cool ceramic cups I came across. When they are flipped over to dry or to store, they look like white soda can ceramics. Flip it over, and it’s normal. Cool!

Neat teddy bear lamp I stumble upon! Thinking Bear?

Woa! I’ve heard of big bags, or going nuts while shopping in Hong Kong, but this lady wins my vote for largest shopping bag, or purse if that’s the case?

My new thick glasses! I’ve alaway gotten frame less ones, but this time, I’m going for thick!

Rather cute puffy soft adorable dolls! I was in here forever!

This was very disturbing to see in the streets for sale!

I found this odd. In a few stores were wallets containing stitched small pockets for you SD card. When did people carry around their memory cards? Anyhow, perhaps this is a trend, but I’m guessing i is not.

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