GetPeek: 1 Day Lifetime Service $300

Okay, it’s late, I’m a bit tired, but this grabbed my attention. GetPeek, the thin simple mobile device that let’s you email and text message (through email) that usually cost $100 with a $20 monthly service fee is going all out and offering a 1 day lifetime service purchase for $300! Yes, I said Lifetime!

I’m not sure what to think, besides this is tempting… but then again, do I need it, do they need it, why are they doing this. Anyhow, it’s a 1 day deal, so I’ll let your mind make up a decision. As far as I know, if it’s a lifetime purchase and I can change the email several times, then I might just get it and pop it in the car, or hand down many generations, or, just use for some bizarre project.

Kudos to GetPeek for doing something first… or at least this is a first I think…is it? Buy it here.

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