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Johnny Chung Lee is one awesome creator. Over the past few months he’s been banging out some sweet Wii-mote mods for a “Minority Report” like interface, a low cost “Multi-touch white board”, and most recently a sweeeet “VR Headtracking” concept that will make any Wii fanatic jealous. Nintendo’s gotta hire this guy for R+D. He just plain rocks!

I’ll post a 3 of his whimsical tutorial videos after the jump, otherwise, hit up his web page for some other sweet tricks up his sleeve.

via Gizmodo (lots of comments)

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Derrick Wang piggybank
Derrick Wang piggybank

Hahaha, this made me smile in an odd happy nodding my head sideways kinda way. Derrick Wang brings to us a delicate white piggy bank that has a hidden little agenda… when ya bust it open to collect your sweet savings, it spills out the pigs red guts with it! yikes! Yeah, I know kinda disgusting but kinda cool!

It does make me question how did the piggy bank start and why a pig…ahhh, here it is!

This comes to show that if you treat certain ritualistic objects with a bit more reality(humor) it makes ya smile and buy stuff!(though I’m not a huge advocate of Consumerism)

via YankoDesign

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ted 2008 th big questions

The 2008 TED Conference schedule of speakers has just been announced! This years event will take place in sunny Monterey CA as well as a new simulcast lounge in snowy Aspen CO for some lucky individuals!(major party!)

Lots of big questions, unknown exciting speakers, and ideas to numb your brain!…this should be good!

If you have not heard of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference, catch up to their videos on TEDtalks , my 2007 TED recap, or some of my favorites.

I love it when artist question definitions.

Artist Michel de Broin guts out a 4 person car and adds pedals to it rendering it a 4 person bike to some extent with a skin like a car. Is it a bike or a car? Car’s need a license plate, bikes do not.

The trekkers ride it onto the streets and get stopped by cops eventually. The best part is that during their stop a fleet of police bikes pass by.

Rules and definitions are meant to be broken, questioned, redefined. I love it when these instances are documented!
via Glumbert


Living in the east coast brings those icky winter storms leaving a slurry of wet, slushy, gray snow soaking and ruining most shoes. I was about to go buy a pair of stylish Swims, but then I realized they cost almost $200!! yikes!

So I did some research and found some alternatives to the Swims (mostly boot styles). I’ve not decided which to get, but thought I’d share my finds with ya’ll.

So, what are overboots? Their oversized shoes to wear over your existing shoes to trek outdoors, hence you just pop them right off when your in the office or at a friends and your set without ruining your favorite shoes. They come in “boot styles” and dress shoe “slip on” styles.
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toe come play

Thought of the week: What happens in Vegas never happened! 😉
Goal of the year: Be a design disruptor!

Funny: Best Wedding Dance Ever!
Read: Time Managment eBook for the Creative!
Tech: Aptera Car(300+mpg) Test Drive via PopularMechanics
Consumer: 5 yrs, 6 ipods, $1495!
Neat: A worthy travel pillow!
Art: Nice drawing!
Cool: Scissor Bracelet via Notcot
Challenge: National Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

barack obama

I’m not one to dive into the political world too often but this years round of familiar candidates has really captured my attention in that it is one of the most diverse round ups buzzing in all media formats traditional and modern on and off-line.

One particular politician that has captured my attention since 2004 is Barack Obama. His poetic speeches are powerful, his personality embraces leadership, his background is diverse, and his beliefs and actions are well supported by reason while embracing listeners to inspire, seek change, believe, and take action.

Besides the fact that this is probably the first time I’ve been excited about a presidential election, Obama is pretty geeky cool in the way that he’s all over the net, on MySpace, Facebook, has his own YouTube Channel, a blog, and even a Twitter feed. An extra highlight being a designer are some sweet icons has created which I received over the holidays!(thanks Bim)

No matter what the results are for Obama I praise him for being an incredible inspiration, a motivator for change, and a disruptor for the better! Obama just won the Iowa Caucuses and follows up with an amazing speech. Rock on Obama!

Barack Obama’s website

315 billion visual dollars

Have you ever wondered what $315 billion dollars looks like? If so, check out this link visualizing $1 stacks in comparison to a person and car!

This comparison reminds me of Chris Jordan’s photography on consumerism comparing our horrifying means of waste in smaller numbers we can understand…amazing work. It disturbs me that we consume “60,000 paper bags used every 5 seconds”, “2 million plastics bottles consumed every 5 minutes”, or “130,000 aluminum cans used every 30 seconds.” Also reminds me of the recent news about the dude that saved his trash for 1 year!(video)

The visual guide might be a bit deceiving though when compared to the famous $207 million drug bust some time ago. Either way, I’ll imagine being Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales swimming through it all!

315$ billion visual dollars via necromanc
Chris Jordan on Consumerism (pbs video)(poptech recap)
207$ million cash drug bust
Pictures after jump

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john maeda president risd 2008

Just before the holiday break RISD announced that in June of 2008 John Maeda would be RISD’s 16th president taking over RISD’s longest-serving president (15 yrs) Roger Mandle. This is HUGE news. Watch the introduction of Maeda here.

Being a RISD alum (2002) and having some experience at the MIT MediaLab I’ve mixed feeling about this decision. Maeda is a really well known person coming from the prestigious MIT MediaLab. He’s very smart and inspirational, has an incredible history, probably has some great insights for RISD’s future, BUT I’m just not sure if he is the right fit..only time will tell. It’s a bit tough to follow Mandle.

A few thoughts:
– RISD is a very traditional hands on school and this is their strong point. Hands on is one of those things you can’t just read about or type…you just have to experience it. How does one manage an education system without experiencing it themselves and all the other disciplines? i.e drawing nude people all day all year, knowing materials, understanding students of a different nature, inhaling charcoal, the freshmen experience, doing 3 all nighters a week for 4 yrs, cross pollinating disciplines, sustainability, etc.

– John comes from a very modern digital world. His thoughts on creativity are very statistical which is not bad, but just very different than how most RISD kids think. I’m still not sure why Maeda is that famous besides his mathematical art pieces and his “simplicity” route, but it’ll be interesting to see how Maeda adopts to the physical design world. RISD does lack digitally, but keep in mind RISD is a school of tradition and physicality.

– Maeda comes from a very corporate background, getting projects, funding, lots of media attention, etc. Does RISD want this? RISD is good at leaving students alone in such a way that they have to discover themselves and be unique to the rest of the world. Many schools prep students for what the world wants but RISD’s culture almost forces you to discover yourself over manipulating you into what’s already out there. This can be good or bad. Think of it like an indie band signing onto a label or a street fashion that makes the shelves of wal-mart or corporate life compared to a small firms culture.

– Who adopts to who…does Maeda Adopt to the RISD culture, or will RISD have to adopt to Maeda’s culture?

Watch the two videos of Maeda vs Mandle. It’s pretty obvious who understands the RISD culture more, but Maeda definitely sounds like he’s ready to dive in and learn a ton and become a RISDoid; Ball, Nad, Sack (the RISD sports teams). I do wish the best for Maeda+RISD but as an alum I naturally question changes for the future. Hopefully Maeda launches his own RISD blog as he has for his simplicity forum here. He’s also created a few pretty cool open discussion groups in Facebook asking the RISD community to feed him info on whats good, bad, and ugly.

Any thoughts, please comment! All the best to RISD+Maeda’s future!

shuffle puck

Happy New Years!!!! I wish the best in health, wealth, and happiness to all while causing a bit of trouble here and there while making changes for the better!

Sorry for not updating throughout the break but I decided to take some off-line time enjoying the real world a bit. A bit of mahjong, pool, bowling, shuffle puck, golf, fooseball, gambling(craps), go-kart racing, movies, darts, and wayyyyyy to much delicious food with family and friends!

I’m back catching up to a mountain of emails and goodies to post about. If you’ve spotted anything inspirational worth checking out, please send it my way.