6 comments on “Stephen Reed: Radiator Cup

  1. This is a very nice idea. Unfortunately, I suspect that the ceramic used will transfer heat fairly well… and if successful at cooling the fins well, it will merely help the hot liquid cool faster. A radiator is made to transfer heat, not store it. The vacuum Bodum cup is made to insulate… so I suspect while fragile, the Bodum will work much better.

    In anycase, an excellent new idea! 🙂

  2. a11len, yea, i thought about that, and thought the same but cant really compare without the two methods in fron of me…though I liek the visual of the radiator a bit more since it has a story linked to it to some degree

  3. Fantastic cup I will get me one of those for sure, I kind of like the ideas like ‘i’m not a paper cup’ and the ‘noodle cup’ also the crinkled clear throw away glass !!! Love it ?

  4. I have two of the Radiator cups, I got them at GoodWill last week for $.99 each. They do work like a radiator, and disperse the heat nicely, and evenly, but that being said, they remove the heat from the liquid quickly. for this reason, I love them, because I don’t burn my mouth with my tea.

    The mug feels wonderful to the touch, and is made of Pyro-ceramic, or glass. But, considering that it doesn’t insulate at all, I would have been upset had I paid 20 Pounds for it, instead of $.99.

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