4 comments on “RISD: President John Maeda

  1. yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how Maeda fits in at RISD. I always liked Mandle-he started as a freshman president with my class. I was sad to hear he was stepping down.

    Lord knows the school can also use an injection of the digital things to broaden the students resources and strong fund raising for capital improvements. When i was a senior all i wanted was a building that did not leak on my work when it rained!

    But if Maeda really wants to get to know the school he should just take freshman foundation for the first semester or audit a drawing 101 winter session class.

  2. ethan, yea for sure..ya gotsta experience the freshmen yr bootcamp to understand RISD to some degree. I wonder how john would be in a freshmen section…. would be an experience in itself.

  3. From the above articel, a quote that made me a bit uneasy:

    “Maeda: As for what I have further down the pipeline, I will save that discussion for a later date. Sorry for the secrecy. You know, I aspire to become the Steve Jobs of university presidents [smile]. Seriously, though, I envision RISD as the Apple brand in the university world.”

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