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  1. thomas,,,heya,,i’ll see what I can blog this week, but I’m off to Itlay for 10 days for another project this fri-next sunday…..I’ll have more goodies then, but otherwise, TED has a ton to blog about.

  2. Great overview and it made me very sad that I wasn’t there. While I was working for Sony in the late ’90s they sent a bunch of us for a couple of years and I felt like my IQ increased every hour I was there. I found the the people sitting next to you in the rooms were as interesting a some of the speakers. Did you meet my brother, Mike Keeler? He’s been to every TED and does some of their video stuff.

    btw, I just discovered your blog from my partner Tracey Tee who has you bookmarked and I’m coming back when I have more time to really dig in.

  3. lynda,
    Yes in deed I know mike!!! just mention tango and he’ll know me….
    I work with ted in the AV side, so yup, i work with him a bit…

    My overview doesnt cover any of the speakers, but that would take wayyyyyy too much space…i just show some of the attributes of the conference.

    Thanks for the bookmark…please spread the love of my blog though it has not been updated this week nor next since I was at TED and will be in Italy doing research for the next 2 weeks….cheers,

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