Johnny Chung Lee: DIY Wii Mods

Johnny Chung Lee is one awesome creator. Over the past few months he’s been banging out some sweet Wii-mote mods for a “Minority Report” like interface, a low cost “Multi-touch white board”, and most recently a sweeeet “VR Headtracking” concept that will make any Wii fanatic jealous. Nintendo’s gotta hire this guy for R+D. He just plain rocks!

I’ll post a 3 of his whimsical tutorial videos after the jump, otherwise, hit up his web page for some other sweet tricks up his sleeve.

via Gizmodo (lots of comments)

VR Gaming Display

Minority Report Interafce

Touch Whiteboard

5 Responses to “Johnny Chung Lee: DIY Wii Mods”

  1. Leisureguy Says:

    Link to Gizmodo broken

  2. tango! Says:


  3. TOMAS Says:

    Amazing! With miniaturization of electrical components becoming cheaper as time goes on, and processors become more and more powerful, one can only imagine what applications we will be seeing 5 to 10 years from now. Thanks for sharing _tango!

  4. John David Says:

    Cool projects. Well-produced videos as well.

  5. tango! Says:

    yeah, johnny rocks!

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