Over Boots!


Living in the east coast brings those icky winter storms leaving a slurry of wet, slushy, gray snow soaking and ruining most shoes. I was about to go buy a pair of stylish Swims, but then I realized they cost almost $200!! yikes!

So I did some research and found some alternatives to the Swims (mostly boot styles). I’ve not decided which to get, but thought I’d share my finds with ya’ll.

So, what are overboots? Their oversized shoes to wear over your existing shoes to trek outdoors, hence you just pop them right off when your in the office or at a friends and your set without ruining your favorite shoes. They come in “boot styles” and dress shoe “slip on” styles.
A bunch of Overboot pics and links after the jump!
swims overboot
swims boots
Swims: ($150-200)stylish but pricey in several colors
Slip-on’s or boots
AirBoss: $60. Easy to slip off, opens like a bag.

army overboots
Army Overboots: $11, kind of retro, easy to take off! Red or green

pvc overboot
PVC OverShoes
: $14, Yellow, Black, White

neos overboots
: ($60-90)a bit busy, but they seem warm.


Tingley: $20-30. black, red, green, yellow.

german mill

German Mill:$15, somewhat stylish, has a zipper for easy off.

tingley buckle

Tingley Buckle: $28, black. Looks easy to take off.

servus with grit

Servus w/Grit: $51, simple with Grit for traction.

Lots of others here , here, and here.

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