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GM test drive detroit driving

A few weeks back I was invited by GM to fly out to their Proving Grounds in (Milford) Detroit to test drive their new 2008 cars, take a “Drivers Skill Enhancement Course” (stunt school), interview some VP’s in Design and Energy, and have some fun. I’ve grown up driving Japanese cars but took this opportunity to dive into GM’s world with an open designers mind and to scope out all of their brands; Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, Cadillac, Saturn, Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC.

I’d like to thank GM for funding this gathering and would welcome this adventure again though I’d suggest a few changes which I’ll address throughout.

If ya don’t like to read, check out the video I composed from hundreds of pictures taken during the journey above.The entire journey and story after the jump.

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art.lebedev pultius remote control

Art Lebedev Studio brings to us the Pultius Remote Control, an ingenious simple remote control with over 100 buttons allowing users to have 1 touch access to the first 100 channels and easy access to all 300. Some might find this design bizarre and odd, but I love it even though you can probably use it to press the buttons on the actually TV from your couch.

Sometimes it takes complexity to make things simple and the color gradient I find delightful and reminds me of candied dots. Access any channel instantly… no more channel surfing or button pressing guessing.

I think this Pultius Remote is just a concept, but put me first in line when it’s available… or go buy their overpriced but uber cool Optimus OLED keyboard that took too long to come out. Also, the whimsical “folderix” folder icon usb stick.
More images after the jump.

via gizmodo

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RISD by Design weekend 2007

It’s that sweet time of year again when RISD takes over Providence with their 3 day RISD by Design Weekend festival hosting a variety of events including the very popular Alumni Sale with Live Music, good food, good times, arts&crafts, the Waterfire, and frantic dizzy freshmen RISD students wondering “What did I get myself into” while rubbing their dusty rusty charcoal mustaches off and stressing over their chess set projects, 200 self-portraits, gouche projects, Chuck Close paintings, and more while prancing through the alumni sale after an all nighter or three seeking the Balls(Basketball), Nads(hockey), or Sacs(Soccer) games!(RISD sports) RISD Rocks!

I’ll be there, rock’n out the sale, digging the fire, partying in the museum, and meeting a ton of friends for our 2002 five year reunion!!! If you’ve been planning to visit RISD, this is the weekend to do so!

RISD by Design 2007 Webpage and PDF Brochure!

Hmmm… “ Your Life in Lists!” In a book format as well!

I few months back I wrote down a list of all the web services that I’ve signed up for…this includes emails, Amazon, ebay, IM’s, Joost, Pownce, WordPress, etc… Dang, the list got long, but I guess it says a great deal about me… I’m a net nerd!  Start yourself a Listography list and let your friends know more than ever about yourself!

restaurant up high

I’ve seen my share of products and services that go out of their way to make an experience more memorable than the products themselves (Dinner in the Sky, Total Darkness Restaurant, Fish Pedicure, Catch Your Own Sushi Restaurant, Unusual hotels), but when I was sent photos of this restaurant (perhaps just a temple) on the peak of a mountain side I freaked!!! I would have never guessed the pathway to get food food to be terrifying. Personally, I’m scared of heights, though I love pushing myself to fight it, but after seeing these pictures, I’d wonder how safe (crazy) this experience would be just for some food up high. I don’t see any safety nets or belts… doesn’t wood rot?

A bunch of crazy pictures documenting the pathway to this crazy restaurant up high.(thanks yoyo)
Update: a video.(also after jump)

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