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  1. FYI: I have no idea where this is…but if you can read chinese characters, the name is on the lower right of some images….though, my friends don’t know where it is still.

  2. ooooooh hhhhhhhhheeell freakin’ NO! I’m just imagining a trip with my post-menopaused parents and siblings, and NO! My poor petite little mamma won’t be able to hang for dear life on those chains!

    Unless you get strapped with a cord to ensure your safety, I’d severely pass on a family voyage for some non-vegetarian cuisine!

    If i were alone w/ other athletic friends, on the other hand, I’d most likely do it.

    “I miss Jimmy”
    “yeah, me too…he never made it to the restaurant”
    “now he can view it from heaven!”


  3. elliot, thanks for the wiki links. I was basing my information on the email I got with text which claimed it to be a restaurant though i figured it was a temple…perhaps its both. I think I’d be hungry after that climb.

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