Pultius Remote

art.lebedev pultius remote control

Art Lebedev Studio brings to us the Pultius Remote Control, an ingenious simple remote control with over 100 buttons allowing users to have 1 touch access to the first 100 channels and easy access to all 300. Some might find this design bizarre and odd, but I love it even though you can probably use it to press the buttons on the actually TV from your couch.

Sometimes it takes complexity to make things simple and the color gradient I find delightful and reminds me of candied dots. Access any channel instantly… no more channel surfing or button pressing guessing.

I think this Pultius Remote is just a concept, but put me first in line when it’s available… or go buy their overpriced but uber cool Optimus OLED keyboard that took too long to come out. Also, the whimsical “folderix” folder icon usb stick.
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via gizmodo

pultius remote control art.lebedev
art.lebedev pultius remote control

art.lebedev folderix folder icon usb stick

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