RISD by Design Weekend!!!

risd sale

I’m back from RISD‘s weekend by design extraordinaire packed full of events, good people, shopping, gatherings, music, and lots to do. I’ll post a bunch of pics after the jump!!

The Alumni Sale, full of goodies ranging from ceramics, furniture, paintings, clothing, jewelry, art, toys, and tons of other risd goodies.
risd sale bags
Some iconic bags.

risd sale dolls

Cute dolls lots of kids gravitated towards!

risd sale  doll butt

The big ones have…well, holes!

risd sale dolls

Mighty doll!

risd sale dolls

A set of other dolls by Tiphoni.com. You have the cheeseburger, cheesecake, sheep, something, and various other creations!

risd sale dolls

Lovable hand-sized dolls by Jen Chang in the FAV department. Each have their own names…cute yeah.. $12. jchang@risd.edu.

risd sale ceramics

Some ceramics and metal furniture.

risd sale  scarfs

Handmade scarves! Very soft!

risd sale shirt

Spread the love t-shirts…oOOooo yeah!

risd sale  sweaters

Some cute sweaters for ya kids!

risd sale  works
A stop by the wonderful RISDWorks store.

Time to to hit up the huge Library opening! When I was at RISD, our library was tiny! The fleet center donated their entire bank building to risd which has become a huge library, new cafe, fancy dorms, and meeting spaces. I’m jealous, yes I am.. You can read tons more about this new construction which just opened up earlier this year here.
risd library

library risd

risd library

risd library

Yea, the new video rooms have bean bags!

A stop by the RISD museum!

risd museum

Why is Art, Where is Art, When is Art!
An awesome exhibition of posters for the Wunderground Exhibition, there were 3 rooms full of amazing prints and posters.
museum risd
This poster was used for the ID sr. show in 2000 fro what I recall.
museum risd band

Xerxes jammin in the museum late into the night! They were really loud but fun to have!

risd museum
YAhhh ..this was some HUGE monster upon entrance into one really crazy exhibition room. It had wires connected to it letting it move around.

risd museum branch thing
This Branch like object was projecting pulsating images above it, and pumpim mad beats through each branch which you could listen to. Really weird, but entertaining.

risd bugs foundation

Wirebugs…yups this was a classic project by RISD freshmen….ahh, the good ole days!
risd waterfire
The wonderful Waterfire dance…jazz, salsa, and plain good ole music! 3 roads are closed down for this dance event and all the buildings are lit up. Lots of fun!

risd waterfire
Yup, the classic, warming, enchanting Waterfire event!

risd jenny holzer waterfire
A new collaboration with Jenny Holzer during the waterfire! Pretty cool, though I wanted projections on every single building after this. The enchanting waterfire, projections by Holzer, mystical music throughout the canal, people, various glasses of wine, and other events…this was one amazing night!
risd waterfire jenny holzer

Oooooo…. while sipping a glass of wine and slices of cheese.

Risd balls game
Hitting up a classic Balls game..yup, I said Balls…RISD Balls! It’s our beloved basketball team wiht a great logo(2 basketballs going through the basket). This was an alum vs current balls, hence my friends and I screamed out “Go old balls!”. The mascot was not there and hopefully he was not kidnapped again…his name is Scrotie and I’ll let your mind figure out what he looks like. Other great RISD sports teams are: The Nads(hockey), The Sacs(soccer), and The Jugs(Womens soccer).

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