Dinner in the Sky

dinner in the sky

“Dinner in the Sky” is a unique and a rather bizarre breathtaking experience taking place on a suspended table for 22 guests hovering 50 meters above the ground by a crane. Each guest is strapped down to a roller coaster like seat then hoisted up for one chilling, perhaps frightening exciting experience of their life. If you happen to be one of the lucky participants in this event, I’d hope you’re not the type that drops their utensils much. I’d also wonder about the bird’s flying around or those bathroom breaks. Otherwise, get your camera, strap on your shoes, add a strap to your cell phone, and enjoy!
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  1. designverb Says:

    […] I initially thought these images were clever CG images, but in fact, their photos of Andre Agassi and Roger Federer (just won his 3rd US Open) having a blast atop the worlds highest tennis court hoovering 1000 feet above the ocean at the luxury hotel Jumeirah in Dubai. How freaking cool!!! I’d lose hundreds of balls this way and would probably freak out walking towards the edges (heights= shivers). I’d want to wear a parachute while playing up there. Some beach goer must of been stumped when a random tennis balls hurled down in front of him. We already have Dinners in the Sky, so why not tennis. More incredible pictures after the jump! […]

  2. Iquey Says:

    whoa… How do you keep your food down!?

  3. designverb - Restaurant Up High Experience Says:

    […] I’ve seen my share of products and services that go out of their way to make an experience more memorable than the products themselves (Dinner in the Sky, Total Darkness Restaurant, Fish Pedicure, Catch Your Own Sushi Restaurant, Unusual hotels), but when I was sent photos of this restaurant on the peak of a mountain side I freaked!!! I would have never guessed the pathway to get food food to be terrifying. Personally, I’m scared of heights, though I love pushing myself to fight it, but after seeing these pictures, I’d wonder how safe (crazy) this experience would be just for some food up high. I don’t see any safety nets or belts… doesn’t wood rot? […]

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