Catch your own sushi experience!

catch your own fish restaurant experience“At the restaurant Zauo you can help yourself, no really, you HAVE to help yourself.

The middle of the restaurant is shaped like a boat and there are plenty of rooms alongside where catching can be a satisfying if unnerving experience for those will little experience fishing.

In the water are 10 different kinds of fish from lobsters to mackerel.

And once you get it on board, there’s the waitress and now the fun really begins.

Your catch of the day is whisked to the kitchen where no time is wasted turning that swimming critter into a sushi delight.

In minutes it’s gone from fish to a fancy course that costs more than $30.

So here even the most dedicated city dweller can learn what every fisherman knows the pleasure of the catch is often equal to the pleasure of the meal when you re angling for the freshest fish there is.”

Sounds like fun! yummm.

via cbs (watch video!)

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  1. designverb - Restaurant Up High Experience Says:

    […] I’ve seen my share of products and services that go out of their way to make an experience more memorable than the products themselves (Dinner in the Sky, Total Darkness Restaurant, Fish Pedicure, Catch Your Own Sushi Restaurant, Unusual hotels), but when I was sent photos of this restaurant (perhaps just a temple) on the peak of a mountain side I freaked!!! I would have never guessed the pathway to get food food to be terrifying. Personally, I’m scared of heights, though I love pushing myself to fight it, but after seeing these pictures, I’d wonder how safe (crazy) this experience would be just for some food up high. I don’t see any safety nets or belts… doesn’t wood rot? […]

  2. Catch your own sushi at Sushi or Death Says:

    […] Via Designverb Save for later: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  3. Sushi or Death » Catch your own sushi Says:

    […] We at Sushi or Death are not the best at greeting our food before we eat it, but it does sound like an experience. Watch the video from the link below. Zauo restaurant – website Video on CBS13 – Japanese Restaurant Has Customers Making The Catch Via Designverb […]

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