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google maps draggable routes map

I knew about this sometime ago but I finally had the opportunity to use Google Maps Draggable Routes (This is what I call it, not Google). If ya don’t like the route Google maps gives ya… no problem… just drag the route to another road and watch the route magically change! Here’s a over-dragged route from NYC to Boston which I plan to use today… drag it around a bit more if you want.  Type in a route, drag it around, have some fun!

Millennium Products gts kombucha fermented tea drinkWoa, this stuffs crazy weird, bubbly, gnarley, hippie-shakin, sweet n sour tingly, vibrant, delicious! I’d seen these new organic Kombucha drinks in Wholefoods a few months back but never bothered to try them out until a few weeks ago! Dang, this fermented drinks wacky weird but kind of tasty. I didn’t try it for another 2 weeks, but now I’m somewhat addicted. Every time I go shopping, I grab a new flavor…some are tastier(divine grape rocks!), but all of them are consistently raw and weird refreshing. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s different. At first I hated it with its gingerly zappy taste, but it grew on me. I guess it’s healthy and that’s what healthy is suppose to taste like. Give it a shot, be prepared, and open the bottles slowly as they fizz up like a bottle of bubbly. Hit up their webpage for all the details on this ancient fuzzy drink.

newport rock cliff walk

I had a wonderful weekend venturing over to FooFest, Newport Cliff Rocks, Waterfire, and a few other activities while dining at Pizzico in Providence! Next weekends the Blackship Festival!

Here are some random cool links for the weekend:

Eureka Skydeck: An elevator that goes sideways, and pushes you out 300 meters above ground.(article)
– How to get free internet at Hotels.
Headhoods: Face prints on hoodies!
– Amazing landscape images from China.
– Wifi Blocking Paint!!!
– How to make a baby quiet by sipping water sommelier style.
– Womens dreamhome 84 sq ft space.

seattle boeing 787 wings

The highly anticipated carbon fiber Boeing 787 Dreamliner was unveiled while I was in Seattle, so I ventured over to Boeings headquarters to check it out. Besides the galley tour and an awesome visit to their 98+ acre hanger, I had VIP (accidental trespassing) access with one of the 787’s up close and personal! Man, these aircrafts are gigantic. Some interesting facts:

– Boeing has reserved parking near the hangers for employees that have been around for 25+ years… I’m not sure what newbies feel, but man, thats a long time to wait for that benefit.

– Under the hanger is a long 1/3 mile hallway that houses all the plumbing. When it’s raining outside, employees often run up and down this hallway for exercise if not ride their bikes.

– If you want to buy one of these 787’s it’ll cost you some $230 million just for the plane, not including interior… and the waiting list goes as far as 2015 currently for delivery.(3 payment system: to start the build, to paint it, and to fly it away)

– The new Boeing 787 is some 40,000 pounds lighter than similar airplanes, making it %20 more fuel efficient, and produces %20 fewer emissions.

– People were not allowed to bring anything into the gallery tour, even my freaking sketchbook was taken away. The reason: too many people in the past dropped things down the hanger.

Pictures after the jump w/video about the interior design team (Teague) 😉

787 interactive page
787 Premier footage (pretty long video, but informative)
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seattle central library rem koolhaas building

During my trip in Seattle I went to the new cascading Central Library designed by architect, and GSD professor, Rem Koolhaas.  I missed out on the guided tours, but had a good hour walking up and down the spacious, colorful, and vibrant new construction. I don’t have much to say about the design, but the details were very nice… including the many sustainable elements within the design… and from what I know about Rem, the ideas are probably very theoretical though compelling. If you really want to read more about the design, dive over to Arcspace.

tons of pics after the jump.

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Kent Rogowski bears inside out book

“Think of your favorite teddy bear. Now imagine it’s been ripped open, gutted, and turned inside-out. That’s what Kent Rogowski’s Bears series has done to the iconic stuffed animals of our childhoods. In his recently published book and show at Foley Gallery, Rogowski mangles our memories and, at the same time, makes them all the more real.”

Pretty cool project ..and Kent’s a RISD alum whooohoooo! His bears reminds me how doing a total 180 makes things better!.(Pro E to Solidworks story, or making ugly dolls which have sold like hot cakes!!!)

via Boing Boing
Morning News Q&A interview
Foley Gallery in New York
Amazon Book purchase
Version by William Wilson via DesignBoom

Several pictures after the jump…
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I’ve had little time to post anything this past week since my sisters Seattle wedding took up all of my time (whoohooo, she’s married!) but here are a few things that have been sitting in my bookmarks:

– Kick butt crazy Jet Kayak w/video!
– Awesome Train Coaster commercial.
“Flip” your words around. (yet another fun useless web app)( ddɐ qǝʍ unÉŸ ssǝlǝsn ɹǝɥʇouɐ ʇǝʎ )
Wine Ratchet Magnum!via notcot (free service to convert voice mail messages to email)(I’m using, and it works)
22 Confessions of a former Dell Sales manager (good stuff via
– Why I hate cops that abuse their power
– Sweet collection of fake branded products.(There’s a reason the fakes are better)
– Hilarious Japanese Treadmill Challenge.
– Insane Human Billboard dance!(must watch)
– Very Strange fashion show by John Galiano via hemmy

type the sky book photography

I’ve seen tons of books mimicking our alphabet using our environment, but it’s great to see this refreshing book and set of photographs using a medium we all have access to; the sky and surrounding buildings. I have no clue where to buy this book, but have a glance at this German website or babelfish the webpage to get a somewhat english translation of the page. If any of ya’ll can find out where to buy this book, please send a link by commenting. I’ll be looking up towards the sky more often now 😉

Pictures after the jump.

update: This is the work of  Lisa Rienermann at Continue Reading