GTS Organic Kombucha Drink

Millennium Products gts kombucha fermented tea drinkWoa, this stuffs crazy weird, bubbly, gnarley, hippie-shakin, sweet n sour tingly, vibrant, delicious! I’d seen these new organic Kombucha drinks in Wholefoods a few months back but never bothered to try them out until a few weeks ago! Dang, this fermented drinks wacky weird but kind of tasty. I didn’t try it for another 2 weeks, but now I’m somewhat addicted. Every time I go shopping, I grab a new flavor…some are tastier(divine grape rocks!), but all of them are consistently raw and weird refreshing. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s different. At first I hated it with its gingerly zappy taste, but it grew on me. I guess it’s healthy and that’s what healthy is suppose to taste like. Give it a shot, be prepared, and open the bottles slowly as they fizz up like a bottle of bubbly. Hit up their webpage for all the details on this ancient fuzzy drink.

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  1. anon Says:

    it’s vs its
    thats vs that’s
    stuffs vs stuff’s
    if you are going to post an ad on your blog you should get right with the rules of apostrophe use

  2. tango! Says:

    I’m not posting any ad….
    – I have so little time to write posts hence I rarely do a spell check/grammer…. but seriously, i have soooo little time to write and do not really have time to go back through after i quickly write something…
    I’ll try to improve, but only more time can help me.

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