High Power Job video

I love this beautiful and mystifying video on an electricians magical job! I didn’t grow up knowing much about electricity, but if I’d seen this video when I was younger, I’d probably be a electrician by now. Great narration as well.

via glumbert

5 Responses to “High Power Job video”

  1. Adam McNutt Says:

    Wish the rest of the show was there,. Seems like this is a clip from a larger segment.

  2. tango! Says:

    yea, it does seem like a clip from a dicumenrty or something….if anyone can find it, please link it here.

  3. lee Says:

    love your site and this is my first comment. keep on rocking.

  4. Michael Says:

    Tango, great video! I would love to be up there with my camera gear, crazy! Keep up the good site man.

  5. Blue Gum Tech Ramblings Says:

    High Power Technical Career…

    Here is a video of a high power tension lines being inspected. If you fear heights you need not apply.
    The helicopter pilot does a hell of a job to manoeuvre in position for the rigger to transfer from the helicopter to the power lines. Take particle n…

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