Seattle: Boeing visit

seattle boeing 787 wings

The highly anticipated carbon fiber Boeing 787 Dreamliner was unveiled while I was in Seattle, so I ventured over to Boeings headquarters to check it out. Besides the galley tour and an awesome visit to their 98+ acre hanger, I had VIP (accidental trespassing) access with one of the 787’s up close and personal! Man, these aircrafts are gigantic. Some interesting facts:

– Boeing has reserved parking near the hangers for employees that have been around for 25+ years… I’m not sure what newbies feel, but man, thats a long time to wait for that benefit.

– Under the hanger is a long 1/3 mile hallway that houses all the plumbing. When it’s raining outside, employees often run up and down this hallway for exercise if not ride their bikes.

– If you want to buy one of these 787’s it’ll cost you some $230 million just for the plane, not including interior… and the waiting list goes as far as 2015 currently for delivery.(3 payment system: to start the build, to paint it, and to fly it away)

– The new Boeing 787 is some 40,000 pounds lighter than similar airplanes, making it %20 more fuel efficient, and produces %20 fewer emissions.

– People were not allowed to bring anything into the gallery tour, even my freaking sketchbook was taken away. The reason: too many people in the past dropped things down the hanger.

Pictures after the jump w/video about the interior design team (Teague) 😉

787 interactive page
787 Premier footage (pretty long video, but informative)

seattle boeing 787
Driving by the highway, the 787 was making a small journey somewhere…

seattle boeing 787 gallery space
The main gallery! See the small door going outside on the far left..I walked through, where 2 other tourists were standing, and we all approached the airliner… who could resist..the door was open!

seattle boeing 787 engine

The rolls Royce Engine…also the #1 cost to the airplane. They were going through with final checks on this engine before slapping it onto the one of the other 787’s.
seattle boeing 787 wings

Dude, it’s big!

seattle boeing 787 tires
Tires go up to my chest!
seattle boeing 787 engine
An interior mochup…done my Teague Design I think!
seattle boeing 787 giftshop

Gift shop with lots of mini planes!
Here’s a video interview with CEO John Barrett of Teague talking about the design of the 787, When Designers Rule the World.

If ya want more…here’s another gallery.

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  1. curiousdude Says:

    dude i was wonderin one of the picture, i thought 787 has twin engine. but on that picture theres two engine attached on the right wing?

  2. tango! Says:

    ah, yeah, the jet im standing next to is testing the FIRST 787 engine. It’s some mamouth Royal jet liner mimicing the 787. They test it on this monster for flight and inspection, then strap it onto the 787 from what i know and was told…the liner had some huge sign plastered on it promoting the 787 engine… roylce roce i think (sp?)

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