Weekend Bites

I’ve had little time to post anything this past week since my sisters Seattle wedding took up all of my time (whoohooo, she’s married!) but here are a few things that have been sitting in my bookmarks:

– Kick butt crazy Jet Kayak w/video!
– Awesome Train Coaster commercial.
“Flip” your words around. (yet another fun useless web app)( ddɐ qǝʍ unÉŸ ssǝlǝsn ɹǝɥʇouɐ ʇǝʎ )
Wine Ratchet Magnum!via notcot
GotVoice.com (free service to convert voice mail messages to email)(I’m using, and it works)
22 Confessions of a former Dell Sales manager (good stuff via consumerist.com)
– Why I hate cops that abuse their power
– Sweet collection of fake branded products.(There’s a reason the fakes are better)
– Hilarious Japanese Treadmill Challenge.
– Insane Human Billboard dance!(must watch)
– Very Strange fashion show by John Galiano via hemmy

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