Yuento Mobile Calculator

yuento mobile calculator

I just want one! Perhaps its my recent lacking skills in math or dumbifying tech, but I just want one of these one-handed mobile calculators to strap onto my bag. Whip it out after a group meal and figure out the split price in style. I’ll assume it’s only in Japan… I want one!

One more pic after the jump.

yuento mobile calculator calcula

5 Responses to “Yuento Mobile Calculator”

  1. tango! Says:

    thomas, what ya doing up at 5 am! I know why i’m up..hehe, i guess your a night owl as well, or super early morning type =).

    yeah, the budha machine..i’ve thought about getting one..not sure yet… 😉

  2. TOMAS Says:

    Well, let’s just say that when life gets super busy, you take advantage of any opportunity to check out your favorite blogs. 😉

  3. Ray Says:

    Nice, but one gripe: Since it was designed to be used with one-hand, presumably because people have gotten used thumbing numbers on cell phone keypads, they should have made the numbers in the same position as phones, with 123 on the top row.

  4. tango! Says:

    your right about the order of the numbers…thats one thing that would bother me, but a one handed cal is sweet..perhasp I can reprogram the buttons somehow and reprin the numbers 😉

  5. kazy Says:

    hey. its so strange. my gf gave me this as a present when i went see her in hong kong last month.

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