Obama O’s & Cap’n McCains Cereal

Get your morning box of “Obama O’s” or ” Cap’n McCains” in from the inventive crew at AirbedAndBreakfast.com launching a tasty limited production (500) of election cereal boxes with real cereal, fun facts, a definite conversation starter, and their very own online jingle (Obama O’s Jingle, Cap’n McCains Jingle) . Choose from the political flavors of “Hope in Every Bowl”, a “Maverick in Every Bite”, or both if your seeking a taste in history.

A box of these goodies cost $39 with 5% of the sales to each campaign.

I discovered these delicious new creations during RISD’s alumni sale event this past weekend running into co-founder Joe Gebbia (RISD ID ’05) who’s also founded Critbuns.com, Ecolect.net, and now AirbedAndBreakfast.com

I took a few pics with Joe after the jump… including my Freshmaker selection!

Joe showing off the goodies that were selling fast!

The backside!

My freshmaker selection! Go Obama!

5 Responses to “Obama O’s & Cap’n McCains Cereal”

  1. LazyAnimation Says:

    Is this true? hehe.. What if election is finished? that would not sale anymore.. 🙂 nice blog you have..

  2. tango! Says:

    hehe, yup, its for the elections, and real…real cereal as well…limited production of 500…so it’ll sell out soon based on how many i saw selling at the risd event!

  3. brad Says:

    one of these is going to be a true collectors item in about 2 weeks!

  4. tango! Says:

    brad, yes in deed it will, so go buy them while they last! 😉

  5. kaity Says:

    go obama o’s

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