8 comments on “DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

  1. Cool idea! There’s an entire wall (approximately 80 ft long and 10 ft high) at Arizona State’s Coor Hall that’s painted with this stuff and acts as a makeshift chalkboard for groups and students to work on.

  2. nice!! i’d like to check out that wall one day…i love chalk walls! Something about them that just makes everyone young and creative again! We need chalk pants…so we can jot daily ideas…i use to have some pants I chalk images on but eventually sprayed a clear coat on it to retain the colorful drawings….i did this way back in HS and my mom thought I was in a gang, hence, the pants had to be thrown away eventually or washed off. Chalk rocks!

  3. That’s really cool! My sister has four girls and she home schools them, and in their school room they have a whole wall painted with chalkboard paint.

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