GadgetOff 2007

gadgetoff 2007

“What happens when you bring four submarines, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, more than 200 of the nation’s top inventors, autonomous vehicles, robots, ferry boats, fire boats, police boats, ultra-high-bandwidth snail chariots, rocket cars, rocket racers, hackers and lock picks to an off-limits island?”

You get GadgetOff, bringing the smart and useless together! I’ve been invited to this years event, Sept 28th, which kicks off in the sweet IAC building, by architect Frank Gehry, then cruises over to the Liberty State Park for the rest of the events chaos. I’m not sure what to expect, but from what I’ve heard, it’ll be a ball busting fun gathering of the bizarre, intellectual, and trouble making individuals. I’ll post about my experience at the event, so watch out for some cool updates in the next week or so after my GM ninja driving trip.

update: the Gadgetoff 2007 Recap here.

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  1. hejustlaughs Says:

    I work at the Liberty Science Center where a one of the gadgetoff events was hosted. I knew things would be interesting during setup of the exhibits, but I knew things would get even more interesting when I was outside and a pack of people were racing towards the entrance on Segways (and one recumbent bicycle).

  2. tango! Says:

    yes indeed…we raided the Science Center which was awesome…hope we didnt seem toooo geeky…the Jet Bike was outside Roasting up the parking lot while shaking the entire ground in bright orange flames!

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