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  1. The concept behind this documentary reminds me of Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” (on FX); not sure if you’ve checked it out. Coincidentally, he’s also the creator of Supersize Me.

  2. dak…yo..send me an email, not a comment on a post. as for the course, i know amandad well…shes is knowledgable..the course seems interesting and very much like Tangible, but more object oriented…i’d say take it…i would.

  3. i used to be a raw foodist. the longest i’ve went was 4 months. It’s such a great way of life!! I lost 35 lbs in the first month, 15 in the 2nd month, and 5 in the 3rd, and another 5 in the 4th. I lost a total of 60 lbs! I didn’t do it for the weight though..but man, did it feel good!

    This was 3 years ago…

    I used to weigh 210, and went down to 150. I’m 170 now…cuz i eat cooked foods again…and not as healthy as I did when I ate raw.

    Eating raw also *completely* cleared up my acne, backne, healed my scars and cuts very quickly (normally, i heal very very slowly, and scar very easily). And I also had much more energy and needed less sleep.

    I need to get back onto the raw diet. I’ve been vegetarian for about 10 years now, and i’ve been wanting to go raw again, but it’s very difficult when you’re addicted to a lot of cooked foods like curry, veggie sushi, hummus, sauces, mexican food, tofu, thai food, and other world foods!

  4. Mitch!

    Thanks for your story… just reading it makes me feel healthier. The weight loss story is amazing. You must of felt like a rock star losing over 10 lbs a week in the first month.

    I’ve been eating less meat and more raw not neccessarily to lose weight, but for enviromental sustainable reasons, but as you mentioned, it sure is mighty tough when your rewards to long work weeks are cooked meals, though sushi is my celebration food.

    Jumping into a totally RAW diet sounds amazing.. I’ll start to shop at the farmers market more often and less at organic stores… and start reading more RAW blogs much like Kristens above.


  5. Tomas,
    yeah, I love the show “30 days” on FX, but it sounds like this RAW diet is incredible and life changing as most diciplines would be in 30 days (running a mile everyday for 30 days 😉 )

    I’ve done the 30 day, no coffee, no tv, no soda, no drinking, no meat, no driving, and a few other things, but as a person of diversity I just have to try everything and feel limited not trying everything…but man, after doing a few of those “no 30 days” things, it’s amazing. Try no email, or no cell phone…drives you nuts, but feels good….your friends and family will hate you though.

  6. Hey this is totally derailing the subject but the cover the art they used for “Raw for 30 Days” is a direct rip off of a campaign done by Lars Canty for Silver Nitrate Entertainment.Makes you wonder how unscrupulous these guys are. I’m all for nutrition education and reversing the effects of diabetes, but I’m not for ripping off someones work to peddle your warez. Word to the wise…

  7. Just ran across your blog search on Google. I can’t wait for this movie to come out. I’m a 15 year type 1 diabetic myself and my journey to Raw foods has been one of the greatest things to happen to me I could have done for myself.

    First I started about 4 years go being part Vegetarian, then moved ot Macrobiotics for a year which was great. Now I’m transitioning to a more Raw Foods based lifestyle. My blood sugars have dropped 50% in the last few months (Yes, seriously) and I’ve cut my insulin by more than half as well. And I’m only 50-60% Raw right now.

    I’ve had a chance to speak with the producer of the movie, Mark Perlmutter, and he is a really amazing guy. I’ll be meeting him in Dec when I’m in town so that should be fun.

    Loving the blog so far, welcome to my RSS Reader 🙂

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