Life Saver: Nano Water Filter Bottle

Life.Saver.Bottle.Filter“The way fresh water is supplied to disaster-hit regions could be revolutionized after an Ipswich-based businessman (Michael Pritchard) invented a £190 ($385) bottle that makes foul-smelling water drinkable in seconds.

Military chiefs are excited because the bottles, which can distill either 4,000 liters or 6,000 liters without changing the filter, will have huge benefits for soldiers who hate drinking iodine-flavored water.

Conventional filters can cut out bacteria measuring more than 200 nanometers but not viruses, which typically are 25 nanometers long.

Mr Pritchard’s bottle can clean up any water – including fecal matter – using a filter that cuts out anything longer than 15 nanometers, which means that viruses can be filtered out without the use of chemicals.”

I’m glad to see these globally needed solutions advancing as far and as fast as they are. The Life Saver Bottle reminds me a bit of the Life Straw as well.

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  2. Rrank Eichelberg Says:

    I’m active in Rotary International. I can see where this technology would be useful in third world countries especially. We are now shipping sand filters to some of those countries but they are quite cumbersome and slow. I’d like more information. Thanks

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