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Sicko documentry michael moore

SiCKO is a documentary film by Michael Moore, scheduled for release on June 29, 2007. It investigates the American health care system with a focus on the behavior of large health insurance companies and contrasts the U.S. system with those of other countries with universal health care coverage.”
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I’m not one to promote nor be against films by Michael Moore, but I do admire his messages though many individuals may find his messages factually lopsided. Even though this film is scheduled for release later this month, you can view it online though the links keep jumping around and closing. I watched it on Google video here, but now it’s here (watch it today or it’ll jump). Outer-Court seems to keep the listing up to date.(it keeps jumping)(new links below)It’s also up for downloading on various p2p sites. If you can’t track the film online, give a look at the previews.

Quick thoughts: It’s very good, compelling, moving, and provoking along with the witty comments which Moore is known for. Much like the Climate Crisis in Inconvenient Truth, it makes you wonder, mad, angry, and question. I’ve somewhat known about this unfair health care system in the states, but I’ve never thought about it much until watching this film. It makes me want to move out of this country, move to Canada, or just sit here and complain about this issue as much as the Climate Crisis has made me change for the good. Give it a watch online if you can, otherwise, there are plenty of reviews and user reactions online if you dig around.

update: try these:
part 1 http://www.veoh.com/static/flash/player … ;version=4
part 2 http://www.veoh.com/static/flash/player … ;version=4
part 3 http://www.veoh.com/static/flash/player … ;version=4
part 4 http://www.veoh.com/static/flash/player … ;version=4

update: Michael Moore himself has posted a video on YouTube asking for users to post their own stories about health care issues, problems, stories here…Read the responses and watch the video responses.

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  1. tango! Says:


    thanks for your thoughts.
    – m.moore: I know many that dislike him and his stories, but what I do appreciate about him is his power to make people rethink, question, invetigate, and realize on their own. I have not the book you mentioned above, but I’ve read my share of “i hate m.moore” blogs. Sure, he’s making money, but I care more that he’s making us think things over. Are his facts correct…we’ll I’ll say I’m not sure, but cnn, or nbc recently did a side to side fact comparision to his movie and it was very truthful. No matter whos right or wrong, the true power is that individuals rethink systems rather than just listening and caccepting whats their given.

    – a.gore: Is he credible…my thoughts are the same to m.moore…he made me rethink, question, and do. Yes, he made millions I’m sure, but he also inspired billions. Why the usa, because we are huge influencers. Do keep in mind that the carbon pollution standards in china are wayyyy better than they are in the states…kind of odd considering the USA is so advanced. I really dont care where change is happening, because it’s a global goal….if change happens anywhere it’s good…aiming for the top guns is always good, but seeking all the little guys also helps…makes me think google and ads.

    just my breif thoughts at 4am…thanks for the links though.

  2. designverb - Raw for 30 Days Says:

    […] Reminds me of “Sicko” and “Super Size Me” a bunch. Even if turns out to be one sided, I’m sure it’ll be influential to many and good PR for organic stores nationwide. […]

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